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10 Easy Ways To Have A Healthy Holiday

Affinity Health, a leading provider of high-quality health coverage, presents ten easy ways to have a healthy holiday.

“While relaxation and quality time with loved ones should be a priority at this time of year, there’s still room to take care of your health,” says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.

Here are ten easy ways to have a healthy holiday and make the most of this time without compromising your health.

Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Starting your day with breakfast encourages healthier food choices throughout the day. You’re less likely to give in to the temptation of sugary or high-fat snacks if you’ve had a nourishing morning meal. A well-balanced breakfast enhances cognitive function, helping you stay focused, alert, and ready to tackle tasks.

Stay Hydrated

With the excitement of the holidays, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and other health issues. Carry a reusable water bottle with you, and make a conscious effort to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Prioritise Portion Control

Holiday feasts can be extravagant, but that doesn’t mean you must overindulge. Learn to estimate portion sizes using visual cues. For example, a serving of meat should be about the size of a deck of cards, a serving of fruit the size of your closed fist, and a serving of carbs roughly the size of a tennis ball.

Be Mindful of Mindless Eating

Constantly nibbling throughout the day often means consuming more calories than your body needs. These extra calories can lead to weight gain over time. Snacking can also become a challenging habit to break. Pay attention to what triggers your snacking. Is it stress, boredom, or specific emotions? Recognising the triggers is the first step in addressing the habit. If you must snack, choose healthier choices like fruits, vegetables, nuts, or yoghurt.

Incorporate Physical Activity

Maintain an active lifestyle during the holiday season. Whether taking a brisk walk, dancing to festive music, or participating in outdoor activities, find ways to keep moving. Physical activity burns calories and boosts your mood and energy levels.

Mind Your Alcohol Intake

Excessive drinking can take a toll on your health. Limit your alcohol consumption, alternate alcoholic drinks with water, and always have a designated driver or alternative transportation arranged if you plan to drink.

Get Sufficient Sleep

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can disrupt your sleep patterns. Prioritise sleep by maintaining a regular sleep schedule and creating a sleep-conducive environment. The amount of daily sleep you need can vary depending on your age, lifestyle, and individual factors. Still, general sleep duration recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation for adults are seven to nine hours daily.

Practice Stress Management

The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time of year. Incorporate stress-reduction techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga, into your daily routine.3 Taking time for self-care helps you stay calm and grounded.

Be Kind to Yourself

Remember that perfection is not the goal during the holidays. If you have moments where you deviate from your healthy eating plan or skip a workout, don’t be too hard on yourself. Finding a balance that allows you to enjoy the season guilt-free is essential.

Plan for Post-Holiday Recovery

As the holiday season comes to an end, have a plan in place for post-holiday recovery. Reintroduce your regular healthy eating and exercise routines gradually to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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