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What is the cost of medical aid?

What is the Cost of Medical Aid

The Grant Thornton Capital Medical Aid Survey for 2018, which compares local medical aid schemes on cost to members across various levels of cover, was released to the public in July. According to Business Tech, for the 2018 review, GTC screened 22 medical aids (21 open...

Is radiology covered by insurance?

What is radiology, and is it covered?

By definition, radiology is the science dealing with X-rays and other high-energy radiation, especially the use of such radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. It is used to detect an assortment of conditions, from abnormal internal growths to pregnancy, by use of an ultrasound. Radiology...

Health aid vs medical aid: what is more affordable?

Is health insurance more affordable than medical aid?

Health insurance and medical aid seem quite similar, but there are distinct differences which set them apart. These differences are also responsible for the disparity of the price points at which they are being offered to customers. Even the cheapest medical aid is usually a bit...

Day to Day hospital plan

What is a Day to Day Plan?

When it comes to health insurance, different types of insurance plans are designed to cover different situations, depending on the direct needs to the customer. One of these types of plans is a Day to Day plan, which covers everyday medical issues. But what does ‘Day...

Insurance plans for children

Are there insurance plans for Children?

Children get the sniffles way more than adults do. From playground infections to colds and flu in winter, kids are susceptible to all sorts of germs. Having health insurance cover for children could save moms and dads a wad of cash, and also give them peace...

Medical aid and covering chronic illness

How does Medical insurance cover chronic illness?

Medical insurance is a fairly new service in South Africa, and many people are more familiar with the workings of a medical aid. All medical cover plans, including medical insurance plans, are designed to assist with the financial burden of medical emergencies. However, many people face...

An elderly person receiving healthcare

Are there any hospital plans for the elderly?

Many young to middle aged people find it quite simple to join affordable hospital plans. The elderly, however, have a bit more of a challenge. Getting older, for many people, means a decline in general health and well-being, as our bodies change over the decades. Certain...

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