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How masks stop the spread of COVID-19

How masks stop the spread of COVID-19

At the beginning of the coronavirus alerts for South Africa, the jury was out on the effectiveness of wearing a mask in public. Then, as research progressed, a mask became a compulsory part of daily living. Now, even in the move to the very relaxed...

Metal Poisoning: What you should know

Metal Poisoning: What you should know

Metal poisoning isn’t as common as it used to be, especially in the dental industry. Heavy metals can cause toxicity if consumed or applied topically in large amounts. Most commonly known variations of this condition are lead poisoning and mercury poisoning. Not all heavy metals are...

Uncommon Covid Symptoms

Uncommon COVID Symptoms

Uncommon COVID Symptoms - Even though we don't know everything about COVID-19, we are pretty clued up on most of the symptoms thus far. However, as we learn more through doctors, scientists and other professionals (always via official websites and channels), it is evident that...

Scary conditions and their causes

Scary conditions and their causes

Scary Conditions: We are all familiar with diabetes, cancer, arthritis and other ailments that affect us. These conditions are severe and devastating, but there are diseases around that are so rare, you may never meet someone suffering from one of them in your lifetime, and...

Vitamin C: Everything it's good for!

Vitamin C: Everything it’s good for!

Everyone knows that vitamin C is the best weapon in the fight against colds and flu. It builds the immune system, and people have even self-medicated with loads of it, both supplementary and by eating loads of citrus to help the body stay healthy amid...