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Stomach ulcers: everything you need to know

Stomach ulcers: everything you need to know

Many things can cause stomach pain. A very common culprit is a stomach ulcer. Also known as a peptic ulcer, there are several causes for the ailment – which affects around one in ten people. Peptic ulcers are essentially holes or sores in the protective...

Protecting you & your family

Did you know you can save on premiums and increase cover when you add more dependents or upgrade your single policy to a family policy? The meaning of family exists in varying forms for different people. It might not look identical to anyone else’s family, but...

What is oedema and how does it form?

What is oedema and how does it form?

Oedema can affect any part of the body and is a painful, uncomfortable condition. Oedema is the medical term for localised swelling and can have several causes. Most times, sufferers have swelling of the extremities; hands, feet, ankles and so on. It can range from...

Affinity Health: How Smoking may affect your surgery

Affinity Health explains how smoking may affect your surgery

Smokers have a higher chance of surgery-related complications like heart attack, stroke, shock, and death, says Affinity Health.  If there is one thing tobacco smokers hate, it’s being told to kick the smoking habit. It’s no secret that smoking causes serious health problems - including heart...

High Blood Pressure: Food and Drinks to Avoid

High Blood Pressure: Food and Drinks to Avoid

High blood pressure, known as hypertension, affects a large majority of the world’s population. It is a pretty common condition, even more so with the modern diet that unfortunately consists of loads of fatty, processed goodies.  Diet can have the most significant impact on your blood...

Insect bites that could kill you

Insect bites that could kill you

Nowadays, we don’t expect to come across any venomous insects in our daily lives or fall victim to dangerous insect bites. Usually, we associate these creatures with the wilderness. But sometimes, an unfortunate few of us will encounter a deadly spider in our home, yard...