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Getting rid of a cough? Here's our best advice!

Getting rid of a cough? Here’s our best advice!

Dust, smoke and mucus are usually the main causes of inflammation in your breathing passage. When the passage is irritated, you cough as a reflex. This reflex action happens when the brain thinks the airway needs to be cleared.  There are three types of coughs.  The dry...

Covid-19 Home Remedies

Covid-19 Home Remedies

There have been tons of information about Covid-19 Home Remedies. Here are the most effective for milder symptoms. COVID-19 doesn't have a cure. Because of this fact, people who are infected with the virus are treated for their symptoms, instead of with an antidote. The biggest...

Can human Foetuses contract Covid-19?

Affinity Health: Can human Foetuses contract Covid-19?

While recent studies have revealed that pregnant women who test positive for COVID-19 are mostly asymptomatic, what about their unborn babies? Affinity Health examines whether the coronavirus can spread to human foetuses. Researchers have been taking a closer look at the placenta under the microscope to...