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gluten intolerant

How to tell if you are gluten intolerant

Seen as a new age ailment of sorts, gluten intolerance is characterised as undesirable reactions to gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Celiac disease and lesser warned conditions like non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy is legitimate lifestyle conditions aggravated by...

Getting rid of chicken skin

'Chicken skin' is clinically known as keratosis pilaris. No, we aren't talking about the rough bumps on your arms when you're cold or nervous; keratosis pilaris is a medical condition that happens for a number of health-related reasons. ...


As a leading medical insurance provider of affordable healthcare to South Africans, Affinity Health explains the different healthcare options available.   Affordable medical cover is not easy to access and not everyone is aware that there is a distinct difference between a medical aid, a hospital cash-back...

Join Affinity Health in Raising Awareness Around Juvenile Arthritis

Leading medical insurance provider in SA, Affinity Health, highlights the early signs and symptoms of Juvenile Arthritis.   What is Juvenile Arthritis? Arthritis is commonly regarded as a disease that affects the elderly. However, it is a disease that affects people of all ages, children included.  Arthritis Kids...

How Does Lung Cancer Affect Non-smokers?

Affinity Health - a leading provider of affordable health coverage for all South Africans - considers the risks for lung cancer in people who do not smoke.   Did You Know that Lung Cancer is the Leading Cause of Cancer-related Death? Every year, 1.76 million people die as...

Is Conjunctivitis linked to COVID-19?

Affinity Health – leading providers of affordable medical insurance in SA - consider whether coronavirus might cause pink eye.   How does Pink Eye indicate COVID-19? According to research, the answer is: unlikely, but not impossible.   ‘Pink Eye’ is a common name for conjunctivitis, a condition that is indicated...

Why Vaccination Is The Best Shot At Beating COVID-19

Leading medical insurance providers in SA, Affinity Health, analyse how COVID-19 vaccines can reduce risks of infection and the chances of severe illness.   How Effective are COVID-19 Vaccinations? As of 30 June 2021, the World Health Organisation has reported 181,521,067 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, including 3,937,437 deaths, and counting.   World Data states that three...