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Do you really need to bath every day_

Should you bathe every day?

The internet has been abuzz with two sides of the argument for; "should we bathe every day?". The pro-bathers say that cleanliness is very important (of course) and that we have got to get the germs off our bodies, especially in a pandemic.  The side who...


 What you need to know about tetanus

Tetanus is a severe bacterial infection. It affects your nervous system. The infection, called Clostridium tetani, can be fatal. Besides causing painful muscle spasms, you may experience difficulty breathing. ...

What Is Enteropathic Arthritis?

Affinity Health, a leading provider of affordable medical insurance, examines how the disease presents and what treatment options are available.    Understanding Enteropathic Arthritis Enteropathic arthritis affects about one in every five people with an inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.   Enteropathic arthritis, or EnA...