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What Are Hormonal Headaches And How Are They Different?

"In our fast-paced, demanding world, headaches have become a common companion. But not all headaches are created equal. Some are triggered by stress or tension, others by dehydration or lack of sleep," says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health. "However, a particular category of headaches...

Top 10 Foods That Can Improve Circulation

Your body's circulation system is instrumental in seeking a vibrant, healthy life. Acting as the body's central transportation system, it ensures that life-giving nutrients, oxygen, and energy are delivered to every cell. A sluggish circulation can lead to cold extremities, unexplained fatigue, and even more...

Nutrition And Lifestyle Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

However, various factors can result in what's considered excessive weight gain. If you find yourself gaining less or more pregnancy weight than what is recommended by your doctor, you should understand that there are potential risks. For instance, if you don't gain enough weight, your...

The Effects Of Alcohol On The Digestive System

Alcohol consumption begins in the mouth, travels down the oesophagus, and lands in the stomach, where the digestive process starts. About 20% of alcohol is absorbed directly from the stomach into the bloodstream, with the remaining 80% absorbed from the small intestine....

Organ Donor Month: Everything You Need To Know

Did you know that one organ donor can save up to seven lives and transform over 50 lives, yet only 0,2% of our population are registered organ donors? Sadly, about 4300 people are waiting for a life-saving organ or cornea transplant in South Africa, many...

Male Menopause: Myth Or Reality?

Menopause is widely recognised and understood, most often associated with women reaching a certain age where their reproductive capacities cease. However, another term that's been stirring the pot in medical discussions and amongst men over 50 is male menopause. ...

The Importance Of Regular Health Screenings For Men

Regular physical health checks are essential. Not only do they ensure you stay healthy, but they can help you detect health-related risks and raise concerns with your doctor. It’s crucial to know that you can pick up warning signs for illnesses and diseases early on...

The Importance Of Regular Health Screenings For Women

A recommended health screening for you as a woman ensures you establish a foundation for your general health, and it helps prevent future medical risks you may be vulnerable to. For instance, your doctor can provide preventative screenings for breast or cervical cancer. These health...

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