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Why Is Hydration So Important

Did you know that every cell, tissue, and organ in our body requires water to function optimally, yet many South Africans, especially children, don't consume enough water daily? ...

What Are The 8 Symptoms Of ADHD?

"Recognising key symptoms of this condition is the first step toward seeking professional consultation and getting the necessary support a child needs to improve academic achievements, relationships, and overall well-being."...

How To Spring Clean Your Mental Health

As spring ushers in a season of renewal and fresh beginnings, it's the perfect time for decluttering our homes and minds. Affinity Health, a leading provider of high-quality health cover, encourages everyone to embrace this transformative season by revitalising their mental health. ...

11 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Affinity Health, a leading provider of high-quality health cover, unveils a list of 11 foods scientifically proven to enhance metabolic rates, ensuring a natural, nutritious boost to energy and overall vitality. ...

How To Promote Healthy Habits In Children

Children should understand the significance of positive habits. There are various ways you can instil positive habits. For instance, having a stable and healthy family dynamic can help promote better mental health and encourage your children to use positive coping mechanisms to face challenging outcomes....

10 Ways To Build Healthy Bones

"While keeping your bones strong is a smart goal at any age, bone health becomes a bigger priority in the decades after age 50 when weakened bones lead to breaks for one in two women and one in five men. Fortunately, proactive steps can significantly...

10 Effective Ways To Heal Heartburn

The most characteristic symptom of heartburn is a burning sensation that starts from the stomach and seems to rise to the middle of the chest. This burning can intensify and become quite painful....

Can You Prevent Pregnancy While Breastfeeding?

Most people believe that breastfeeding prevents pregnancy. If you are reading this, you might want to know if you can effectively avoid getting pregnant while you exclusively breastfeed or if it’s causing a delay in your chances of falling pregnant again. Read on to find...

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