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5G and COVID

5G and COVID: What is the connection and why are people freaking out?

The fifth-generation (5G) of Internet communications technologies is what people claim to be the cause of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. This is the same technology that speeds up mobile and Internet communications dramatically. 

The first generation was mobile voice calls. The second-generation (2G) brought text messaging, while 3G revolved around data and smartphones. Video calls and moving around video is known as 4G.

Why do people believe that 5G is the catalyst of this virus? One variation of the conspiracy theory claims that COVID-19 does not exist at all – that everything that is being reported on the news is a hoax and an elaborate one. Instead, some people believe that it is the radiofrequency radiation from 5G, which brings on the virus’s symptoms. If this were the case, it would imply that patients, doctors, scientists, journalists, school officials and so many more people are involved in the supposed scam. This has yet to be proven.

Radiofrequency radiation has been a health concern for decades and is produced from different devices, including televisions, radios, microwaves, Wi-Fi and mobile phones. 

Professionals have discovered that although 4G mobile phones can emit signals efficiently through structures and at a long distance, 5G cannot travel as far because of its millimetre waves. 5G would need its antennas to be positioned closer together. For example, in the city centre, the 5G antenna would have to be placed on every street corner. 

Another variation of the theory claims that 5G can weaken your immune system – so much so that you are more likely to contract COVID-19, compared to someone else who does not use 5G. Also, because more COVID-19 cases have appeared in locations where extra 5G towers are, it is believed that there has to be a link.

However, many people will have more 5G towers because there is a greater telecommunications demand. And a more significant proportion of people interacting in these said locations would most likely contract the virus faster. 

The vandalising of 5G towers is becoming a problem as people are setting them on fire. Telecom companies have had to issue letters requesting people not to set the cell towers alight – a request that they never thought they would ever need to communicate to the public.

Microsoft Windows owner, Bill Gates, has been accused of being the ‘originator of this depopulation campaign’. Apparently, the Windows program was purposefully susceptible to viruses; therefore, he could make a profit on anti-virus software. Furthermore, Gates is allegedly orchestrating a depopulation campaign, while speaking on the pandemic vaccination efforts and making a huge profit on a necessary vaccine. 

To debunk the unsubstantial conspiracy theories about 5G and COVID-19, YouTube erases any videos that mislead COVID-19 information. Separately, scientists and doctors have vehemently denied any false information about 5G or COVID-19.

Fake news

Facebook has also become very stern about false information of 5G and COVID-19 being spread on its platform. Two large anti-5G groups were removed in 2020. The technology company has also started notifying its users when there is false content about the pandemic.

As for Twitter, only specific posts are being removed – a call to action focused on prioritising the removal of posts that could cause harm to its users and therefore, those around them.

According to media articles, celebrities on all levels and from every type of culture have been called the ‘biggest peddlers of 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories’. From TV star Calum Best to professional boxer Amir Khan, celebrities are using their social media platforms to call the virus ‘man-made’, and even encouraging the signing of petitions to halt the roll-out of 5G. 

The medical community has lambasted the media for being more than willing to amplify celebrities’ voices and have no problem with how their influence impacts the public through misinformation. It is a cause for concern because celebrities have since ignited many dangerous outbreaks of destruction, such as arson, by just sharing how they perceive the so-called link between 5G and COVID-19.

Despite what the Internet has said, cellphones did not activate COVID-19. However, conspiracy theories such as this one rarely go away. The 5G and COVID-19 theory will join its predecessors such as 5G killing birds and older cellular technologies being a cause of brain cancer, and Wi-Fi controlling people’s minds. 

Get proper information

It is very tempting to feed into the many scare tactics of the conspiracy theorists online, mainly social media. However, when you need any information regarding health-related issues, the best thing to do is get your information from a registered, verified source like the Affinity Health Blog. 

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