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Health Insurance

Established in 2011 with a goal to capture the opportunities in the health insurance market and offer affordable private health care to all South Africans, Affinity Health is a specialised supplier of long-term health insurance products.

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Our Focus

As the leading health Insurance provider in South Africa, Affinity Health’s main focus is to provide South Africans with affordable and reliable health cover.


Together with its network of partners, Affinity Health presents a formidable team of experts able to deliver superior services to its market.

Affinity Health has aligned itself with specialists in the industry such as, but not limited to:

Pan-African Managed Care

Pan African Managed Care (Pty) Ltd, administers all day-to-day service
provider claims.

Preferred Provider Negotiators

PPN (Pty) Ltd, administers the optometry network (includes Spec-Savers) and all optometry services and claims.

Lion of Africa Life Insurance

Lion of Africa Life Assurance Company Limited is the Insurer and Underwriter.

Mediscor pbm

Mediscor PBM is an independent, specialist pharmaceutical benefit management organisation dedicated to the effective management of medicine benefits.

Independent Risk Distribution

Independent Risk Distribution SA (Pty) Ltd is the mandated intermediary and dedicated brokerage.

Dental Risk Company

Dental Risk Company (Pty) Ltd, administers all Dental service provider claims.


Murray Hewlett

Managing Director

Mr Hewlett comes with a wealth of experience, not only in sales and marketing, but in business strategy, financial management and leadership.

Mr Hewlett’s vast expertise has served him well in his career – building multi-million rand companies and employing thousands. His vision is to grow Affinity Health into one of the largest medical insurance companies in South Africa.


Paul McNamee

Director of Operations

Mr. McNamee has 20 years of experience within the banking, health and insurance industry.

He joined Affinity Health five years ago and with the knowledge and experience Mr. McNamee has brought to the Affinity Family, the company has grown incredibly in the last five years.


Vaneshree Nadasen

Operations Manager

Ms. Nadasen is the Current Operations Manager, having joined the Company in 2014.

Owing to her passionate leadership, she aids in providing opportunities through skills development, training and coaching and instilling the spirit of self-confidence in her staff to improve their work ethic as well as themselves.

Her main focus is customer satisfaction and service quality; placing herself in the clients shoes and ensuring that the client is treated fairly.


Thabo Thipa

Non-Executive Director

Mr Thipa has an excess of 15 years experience in the financial services industry and legal practice, and is a Non-executive Director.

He is currently approved by the Registrar of Pension Funds to act as Liquidator of Retirement Funds, a Principal Officer and Chairman of the S15K Specialist Surplus Tribunals, Chairman of the CIDB Investigating Committee, Member of the National Treasury panel of experts, Pension Law and member of the International Pension and Employee Benefit Lawyers Association.