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Affinity Enterprises and The 100% Foundation remain committed to providing Covid-19 crisis relief

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Affinity Enterprises remains committed to alleviating hunger and providing relief to vulnerable South African communities through its CSI arm , The 100% Foundation.

Since the start of the nationwide lockdown, the holding company for the Affinity brand of insurance products has supported over 30 organisations with crisis relief. This, despite the immense challenges Covid-19 has brought.

Working tirelessly with The 100% Foundation, Affinity Enterprises’ immediate objective was to help alleviate hunger caused by minimised opportunities to work through this difficult time, but it soon became apparent that support in other areas was also desperately needed.

In addition to distributing over 5 900 nutritious non-perishable food parcels to over 29 500 people, Affinity Enterprises has assisted over 200 people with sanitiser packs and correct handwashing techniques, and close to 650 children have received beanies and blankets during this year’s Winter Drive.

The Group’s interventions have supported Early Childhood Education by assisting centres with resources for skills development, as well as assisting other NGOs with nutrition programmes. Old Age Homes and churches have also been included in Affinity Enterprises’ benefactor database.

“There has been a significant shift in nutrition programmes this year in comparison to last year,” explains Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Enterprises.

“Our budget has stretched by 80% on food supply as compared to 2019 and previous years. The sad reality is that The 100% Foundation has not received any funding since early March. Our contribution to organisations every month, however, has remained unchanged. We have, and will always, give 100%.”

Hewlett continues to say Affinity Enterprises is also assisting Early Childhood Development (ECD) educators left with no income as a result of school closures.

“With children staying at home and parents not being able to afford school fees, the education sector has been hard hit with staggering numbers of teaching job losses and position cuts. While limiting Covid-19 infections is a top priority, it has come at a high cost. Forbes magazine estimated that in April alone, more than 1.1 million teachers and staff worldwide lost their jobs. Those numbers are devastating. We have packaged and distributed more than 1 000 parcels of grains to the families of children from the ECDs we support.”

The COVID-19 pandemic’s far-reaching impact has taken a significant toll on all of us. Daily, we must face the fear of the unknown. How long will the pandemic last? What will people’s lives look like once the pandemic is over?

Affinity Enterprises and its employees are acutely aware of the challenges South Africans are facing and remain committed to helping beat back the tide of Covid-19, working with communities to combat the spread of the virus and providing support during this critical time for our country.

About Affinity Enterprises

Affinity Enterprises Holdings is a diverse and proudly South African financial services group operating nationwide from Gauteng. Affinity Enterprises believes in holistic development. The success of the Affinity suite of insurance products comes off the back of identifying operational and client facing gaps in the insurance market. By repositioning and repackaging our products we have been able to sustain growth of 100% year-on-year.

Affinity Enterprises parents subsidiary companies that specialise in financial, healthcare and insurance related services. One of which includes Affinity Health, which aims to provide premier quality, affordable medical insurance to South Africans, and strives to give clients peace of mind and the highest standard of service when they are faced with injury or illness.

Since the establishment of Affinity Health in 2011, Affinity Enterprises Holdings has been nurturing optimal value for its stakeholders, aligning our business objectives with a client-centric approach to product design and service delivery.  The South African insurance market is highly competitive, driving innovation and value for consumers – a hallmark of this being market changing product development; this is where Affinity Enterprises has excelled. Our Core Divisions include: Health Insurance; Dental Insurance; Funeral Cover; Emergency Medical Services; and Integrated Emergency Response. Follow us on Facebook, or log onto our website.

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