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Affinity Enterprises introduces Project 10X – a remote telesales initiative fit for the world we live in right now

Affinity Enterprises’ Project 10X has not only helped reduce coronavirus infection rates, but created job opportunities for those unemployed due to the global pandemic’s lockdown regulations.

Project 10X is a remote telesales work-from-home initiative developed specifically for the sales arm of Affinity Enterprises.

The purpose of Project 10X is to scale the Group’s human resources by extending an opportunity for staff to work from home without the risk of exposure during the transit to and the time spent in a call centre environment.

Project 10X empowers people to get the job done in the safest way that works best for them, rather than the way the industry has always done it.

Affinity Enterprises’ working theory has always been that happy people will be productive people, and Project 10X gives everyone the best of both worlds.

In only a few months, COVID-19 has had a devastating economic, social, and health impact across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of lives have already been lost, and the end of this crisis is not yet in sight.

From the outset, Affinity Enterprises has been working with our members across the country to assist them in managing the negative implications of the COVID-19 crisis. Reducing face-to-face contact is an important action to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 but proves exceptionally hard in a call centre environment.

“Difficult decisions are being made each day but people’s safety must always come first. Although not coming into the office may be a high point for some, the reality of working from home comes with its own unique set of challenges. We have been hard at work finding solutions to address and manage those challenges,” explains Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Enterprises.

“The main goals are ensuring the work-from-home process is smoothly managed, business continuity is maintained, and connectivity problems from an IT perspective are addressed. While we are still in our early stages, Project 10X is a great opportunity for our business to increase sales and create employment in our country.”

Hewlett continues to say that all members of Project 10X will undergo online training over a two-week period. This includes Zoom sessions and WhatsApp groups for communication and assessments. Remote agents are able to call on Sales managers, Sales supervisors, Team Leaders, and dedicated sales admin staff to assist with any queries, questions, or emergency-type work situations.

“While the same processes are being followed as we would normally with the sales floor, an increasing emphasis has been placed on a more ‘admin’ approach and electronic communication,” says Hewlett.

It goes without saying that mutual trust is critical when it comes to working remotely, as is establishing shared responsibilities with workers through open and transparent discussions about expectations and outputs.

Currently, the percentage  of staff who will benefit from Project 10X is in the region of 1000 agents combined.

“Lockdown has been challenging and while some restrictions have been lifted, the danger of contracting the virus still stands. As a trusted South African company, we’ve had to find a working solution that fits the world we’re living in right now. And that’s what we’re doing with Project 10X,” concludes Hewlett.


About Affinity Enterprises

Affinity Enterprises Holdings is a diverse and proudly South African financial services group operating nationwide from Gauteng. Affinity Enterprises believes in holistic development. The success of the Affinity suite of insurance products comes off the back of identifying operational and client facing gaps in the insurance market. By repositioning and repackaging our products we have been able to sustain growth of 100% year-on-year.

Affinity Enterprises parents subsidiary companies that specialise in financial, healthcare and insurance related services. One of which includes Affinity Health, which aims to provide premier quality, affordable medical insurance to South Africans, and strives to give clients peace of mind and the highest standard of service when they are faced with injury or illness.

Since the establishment of Affinity Health in 2011, Affinity Enterprises Holdings has been nurturing optimal value for its stakeholders, aligning our business objectives with a client-centric approach to product design and service delivery.  The South African insurance market is highly competitive, driving innovation and value for consumers – a hallmark of this being market changing product development; this is where Affinity Enterprises has excelled. Our Core Divisions include: Health InsuranceDental Insurance; Funeral Cover; Emergency Medical Services; and Integrated Emergency Response. Follow us on Facebook, or log onto our website.

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