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Affinity Health On The Benefits of Private Home Nursing Following Illness, Injury, or Surgery

Affinity Health On The Benefits of Private Home Nursing Following Illness, Injury, or Surgery

Affinity Health will always strive to provide you with the best medical care – even in the comfort of your own home! 

Having a loved one staying in the hospital can be stressful for everyone; that’s why Affinity Health offers in-home nursing services.

Having the help of a professional home nurse allows you to heal from sickness or injury in an environment you feel most comfortable. Whether you are recovering from an extended illness, an accident, or surgery, you can now get a full range of health services tailored for your unique needs. 

Home health care in the form of trained and qualified professionals can also give your friends and family peace of mind that you are well cared for during your recovery.

Affinity Health is proud to announce their offering of private and comprehensive home nursing to members requiring additional medical assistance once they have been discharged from the hospital and after they have claimed for accidental or illness benefits in-hospital. 

The following services are included: 

  • Assistance with basic care around hygiene. 
  • Evaluation of the patient’s medical condition and requirements. 
  • Monitoring and education on illness and related conditions. 
  • Disease prevention and management. 
  • Nursing procedures (such as wound care).

Affinity Health’s multidisciplinary, national network of nurses is also available to assist members diagnosed with a terminal illness and in need of telephonic counselling and support.

“All our home nurses are qualified and registered with the South African Nursing Council to provide the highest care and treatment,” says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.

“It’s easy to register for the service. The member or someone on behalf of the member needs to contact Affinity Health to obtain pre-authorisation before being allocated a Nurse by Affinity Health. The pre-authorisation department will assess the request and appoint a registered private nurse if your claim is successful.”

Affinity Health offers up to R10,000 per single member policy and R12,000 per family policy per annum. With a maximum of R15,000 per member per lifetime of the plan.

This benefit is only available for claims approved from Hospital Accident and Illness Benefits and subject to authorisation after a 12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions, to maximum annual policy limits and Affinity Health Guidelines and Managed Healthcare Protocols.

For more information about the Private Home Nursing Benefit, visit our website www.affinityhealth.co.za or email PHomeNurse@affinityhealth.co.za


About Affinity Health

Affinity Health aims to provide premier quality, affordable medical insurance to South Africans. We strive to give our clients peace of mind and the highest standard of service when they are faced with injury or illness. We work to deliver innovative solutions that are simple, cost-effective, and proven, so our cover is structured to ensure that you get exactly what you need. For more information, follow us on Facebook, and Instagram. 

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