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The link between stress and diabetes

A recent European study, according to Medical News Daily, suggests that a stressful work environment may increase women’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. This is when your body is unable to make use of the...

medical care

Health Insurance Benefits you can’t live without

Doctor’s visits can prove to be very expensive, especially if you need to go multiple times a month. Add medication and special procedural costs to the bill and pretty soon you’re a couple of thousand rand out of pocket. Medical cover can literally be a lifesaver....


World Autism Day

The month of April celebrates World Autism Day, as well as African Vaccination Week, so it was a given that our article this month should address one of the most controversial topics in the medical industry:  Is Autism linked to child vaccinations? This controversy dates decades...


Heart Health – Why you should be concerned

Heart health is extremely important. There are many symptoms that may seem unrelated to your heart and it’s well-being that you shouldn’t ignore. Men and women experience heart disease very differently. Pain, a persistent cough and even flu like symptoms could be indicators of a...

Green tea benefits

Uses and benefits of Green Tea and Matcha

Green Tea and matcha, which is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, are known for their benefits when drunk as a warm beverage. However, there are many other uses for this efficacious antioxidant treat. What is the difference between green tea...

Smart health devices

The best smart devices for your health

The health technology industry is moving fast, with many new products emerging, all promising to help you with weight loss, fitness and general well-being. We have pinpointed three of these gadgets, all with staggering user reviews. Contrary to what you may think, smart devices aren’t limited...

Does medical insurance cover mental health

Does health insurance cover mental illness?

Medical Aid and Medical Insurance have many similarities when it comes to the type of cover they offer, but one of the many differences between the two types of health benefits is that when you have medical insurance, it probably doesn’t cover a mental health...

medical bills

How to reduce your premiums

When taking out health insurance, you sometimes have to undergo a series of health tests, as a screening protocol, to determine your monthly premium. The healthier you are, the better rate you will receive. There are definitely things within your control that you can do...


Skincare: Summer vs Winter

Winter is fast approaching in South Africa and with it comes its own skin-damaging weather conditions. When it comes to changing skincare routines from summer to winter, some things will definitely change in your toiletry bag, but surprisingly enough, some items will remain. One such product...