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Living With Hepatitis

Hepatitis-related illnesses kill one person every 30 seconds. Affinity Health, a leading provider of high-quality healthcare cover, says we can't afford delays on viral hepatitis....

Start Your Beautiful Journey as Parent With Affinity Health

With sheer luck, this pregnancy was easier for mom, Tazz. She didn’t experience any pregnancy-related complications but she did have to bear an onset of sciatica in her third trimester. Sciatica is a painful condition caused by the irritation and inflammation of a pinched nerve...

Peanut Allergy Symptoms & Treatment

Many schools across South Africa have declared themselves nut-free. That means they no longer serve peanut butter, a previous school lunch staple. The reason is that peanuts might trigger life-threatening reactions in allergic children....

Understanding Liver Disease in Women

Obesity, alcohol-related liver disease, and fatty liver disease cases continue to rise. They are the leading causes of cirrhosis in men and women in South Africa. Still, it may be a surprise to hear that women have a higher chance of liver cirrhosis than men....

HIV Symptoms – Children Born With HIV

In 2002, 800,000 children under 15 contracted HIV. The majority of cases live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mother-to-child transmission accounts for over 90% of all HIV infections in children. Most of these children are younger than the age of 15. The chances of a pregnant mother...

What Parents Need to Know About Measles

When most people hear the term measles, they envision flu-like symptoms. Symptoms tend to lead to a rash a few days later. But measles holds the potential to be life-threatening. Measles can cause dangerous complications. Complications include any of the following:...

What is Cord Blood Awareness?

Historically, medical facilities discarded cord blood after delivery. But today, many parents save it for their child's future health. Why, might you ask? ...

Do Women Burn Fat After Menopause?

The hormonal fluctuations of menopause may increase the likelihood of weight gain, especially around the tummy area. However, hormonal changes alone may not always induce weight gain during menopause. In most cases, the weight increase may be due to ageing, lifestyle, and hereditary factors....

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