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bad social media habits

Bad Habits from Social Media

Social media can be fun and a great way to keep in touch with family and friends who you don’t always get to see in person. You can upload pictures and share moments with someone across the world, but there are many mental health implications that come from social media. Also, there are habits that can be formed that can negatively affect your quality of life.

Anti-social behaviour

Chatting to people from around the world is one thing, but when it means that you are ignoring people in your immediate vicinity, it may do more harm than good. People are on their phones for at least four to five hours a day.

Unfortunately, it isn’t farfetched to claim that most people, especially millennials, are addicted to mobile devices. Besides them being a necessity to order anything from transport (Google Maps as well as rideshare apps) to food and to do online shopping and stay connected to others, it in fact impedes on your ability to be “in the moment”.

Take Instagram for example. You can upload images and show everyone what you are doing in real time, but if you are obsessing about how great the pics look, are you really enjoying the scenery in the moment?


Fear of missing out. Watching other people live their lives can be depressing, no matter how deceptive their lives may be. People tend to show the highlights of their day on social media, and this can make it seem as if their lives are better than yours causing you unwarranted anxiety.
Watching other people’s successes on social media can make you feel that you aren’t doing enough, or that you are a failure.
Sometimes when you don’t have extra money, it can be difficult to watch your friends enjoying the high life. You could feel compelled to make debt and take loans to keep up with their lifestyles.

But bear in mind that everything you see on social media is staged, so take people’s uploads with a pinch of salt.

Cyber-stalking an ex

It is super tempting to check out via social media what your ex is doing, but when has something we have ever uncovered felt good? Asks Bustle.

“Monitoring your ex’s online activity is one of the worst (and most common) post break-up mistakes,” says psychologist, Dr Joseph Cilona. “If the relationship is truly over and you need to heal and move on, online monitoring can prolong the process excessively and cause unnecessary hurt, pain and frustration.”

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