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Benefit Guides

Casualty Benefit Guide

Cover for immediate treatment for emergency medical treatment in the casualty or emergency room of a hospital.


Chronic Disease Medication Benefit

Affinity Health covers 24 specific chronic conditions. This Benefit covers medication and gives members access to primary healthcare services to assist members with managing their chronic condition.


Diabetes Management Programme Benefit Guide

The Diabetes Programmes together with the Affinity Health provider network will assist members in managing their diabetes condition. Through support, Affinity Health hopes to provide members with suitable treatment and tools to improve their overall health.


Diagnostic Benefit Guide

Affinity Health provides Diagnostic Benefits under the Hospital and Combined Plans to assist in the detection and confirmation of the presence or absence of any disease, injury or other health condition that requires medical attention.


HIV Programme Benefit Guide

Quality, co-ordinated healthcare cover provided for out of hospital treatment related to HIV & AIDS, as well as medication and preventative treatments, doctors’ consultations, pathology and x-rays.


Hospitalisation Benefit Guide

Affinity Health covers members for admission into a treating facility, such as a private or public hospital, day clinic or sub-acute facility that operates primarily for the reception, care and treatment of the sick, ailing or injured persons.


Maternity Programme Benefit Guide

Benefits provided by Affinity Health to its members for pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care.

This benefit also includes:
Maternity scans, blood tests, health advice and guidance through the Telehealth service.


Optometry Benefit Guide

Affinity Health offers cover for Primary Healthcare eye screening, optometry and specialist consultations, eye tests, standard frames and single vision, multi vision or bifocal lenses once every 24 months.


Private Home Nursing Benefit Guide

Additional medical assistance at home once discharged from hospital after claiming accidental or illness benefits in-hospital. Affinity Health’s multi-disciplinary national network of nurses is available to assist members with telephonic counselling and support, as well as comprehensive home-based care.


Primary Healthcare Screening Benefit Guide

Primary Healthcare Screening refers to healthcare services like preventative tests, which are performed for early detection and prevention of potential health risks or diseases. Affinity Health offers screenings and prevention services, available with primary healthcare professionals at a Medical Society Centre closest to you.


Trauma & Emergency Management Benefit Guide

Care & support provided by Affinity Health for members and their dependants when facing a traumatic event, and the after-effects caused by such an event.
Affinity Health offers access to most ambulance services within the Republic of South Africa. The emergency call centre is operated by highly qualified emergency in-house personnel who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist members.


Workmen’s Compensation Benefit Guide

Affinity Health offers cover for a member’s medical expenses related to an injury on duty or occupation-related disease according to the member’s applicable benefits and Affinity Health rates, guidelines and managed care protocols.