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Smart health devices

The best smart devices for your health

The health technology industry is moving fast, with many new products emerging, all promising to help you with weight loss, fitness and general well-being. We have pinpointed three of these gadgets, all with staggering user reviews.

Contrary to what you may think, smart devices aren’t limited to smart watches that measure your heart rate and count your steps. There are many gadgets out there for all aspects of your health routine, whether it’s a gadget for your kitchen, gym or bedroom.


Meditation Headsets

Muse has released a meditation app that pairs with a headset that is programmed to read your brainwaves! Now that’s some futuristic apparel.

According to Esquire, by reading your brainwaves, Muse can tell when your mind is peaceful or restless throughout a session. During peaceful times, it will play the sounds of calm weather. During restless times, you’ll hear stormy weather sounds, prompting you to refocus and relax. Muse also tracks your meditative progress over time.


Philips SmartSleep wearable sleep enhancement system

An app that promises to not only track your sleep, but to improve it is definitely worth looking into. Sleep informs every aspect of your quality of life, so investing in some quality snooze is beneficial for everyone.

According to Techlicious, the goal of Philips SmartSleep isn’t to enforce a strict bedtime: it’s to make the hours of sleep you do get more restful.

Two sensors monitor your sleep patterns and produce tones that are proven to increase slow wave sleep (REM sleep) — which can make you more alert during the day.
Users have reported feeling less sleep deprived and more mentally refreshed.

The site continues that though this may sound like a pipe dream to people who have tried everything to get a better night’s sleep, Philips SmartSleep is backed by clinical evidence. It’s a comfortable wearable headband that not only tracks your sleep but reacts to it.


World’s Most Advanced Smartphone Breathalyzer

Alcohol is a toxin and so monitoring the amount that you drink is both responsible and necessary. Become a smarter drinker with Alcohoot, a mobile breathalyzer that connects to your smartphone and helps you keep track of your BAC levels, says Travel Away.

The small gadget uses police-grade technology and works in tandem with an Android/iOS app, which enables you to measure your blood alcohol level quickly and accurately. Knowing your limit is important and beneficial to your health. This is great for people who are trying to lose weight and drink less for various other reasons.


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