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cheaper than medical aid

Can’t afford Medical Aid? There is another option

For a long time, the only way to afford private healthcare was if you were a member of a medical aid. Unfortunately, as necessary as having medical cover is, medical aid is still unaffordable to a large number of South Africans. But nowadays, medical aid is no longer the only option.
The emergence of medical insurance in the last few years has given more people the opportunity to afford private medical care, instead of needing to use government facilities.

Now, there is nothing wrong with using government medical facilities. Most people sing the praises of these facilities. In South Africa, hospitals like Groote Schuur are renowned for record breaking medical procedures. A major downfall that comes with using a government facility is the endless waiting. Often, government hospitals are short-staffed, or have too few facilities or beds, gauze and other medical necessities because of a lack of funding, and this unfortunately has an impact on the type of service that is rendered to the sick.

But with the introduction of medical insurance, you can pay an affordable monthly premium and enjoy private care when you need it.

Private medical care has many advantages. Appointments are kept strictly to the time you decide to go to the doctor, which means it is easier to plan your day around your appointments. There is the access to different, more expensive medicines, as well as shorter waiting times for procedures.
Also, you have the option of seeing the same doctor each time you have an appointment. Public facilities usually have doctors on rotation, meaning you won’t see the same one each time. This means you might have to re-explain your situation at each check-up.

What is the difference between Medical Aid and Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance has much more affordable premiums, meaning that anyone can benefit from it. Payments for medical insurance start from as little as R150 a month, whereas medical aid is usually about R1000 or more per member.

Medical aid, which is regulated by the Medical Schemes Act, is essentially a cover that is based on tariff codes and procedures.

Medical Aid often also has a shortfall owing to the difference between the National Recommended Price List and the South African Medical Association rates that healthcare professionals charge. Medical Aids must, by law, cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits and have specified and yearly limits for procedures and health events, which are often not specifically stated.

Medical insurance focuses more on major life events. It may not cover pre-existing conditions, but is helpful in case of accidental injuries, paralysis or illnesses that may occur after you have taken out the insurance.

What does Affinity Health offer as a Medical Insurance?

Affinity Health medical insurance starts at R509 a month and aims to provide premium quality, affordable medical insurance to South Africans.

Affinity Health works to deliver solutions that are simple, cost effective and structured to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

You can also cover your parents and children, affordably

Affinity Health has created special plans for children and seniors. We all know medical fees can be extremely costly, and the last thing you want to worry about is a looming bill when your loved ones are in need of urgent care.

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