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How do screens affect your eyes?

All of our eyes are enduring much more screen time than before, as we spend more hours at home during the coronavirus lockdown. Everyone, adults and kids alike, are relying more and more on televisions, video games, computers and phones for entertainment and work. These...

A Guide to Medical Cover for Pensioners

A guide to medical cover for pensioners

It's a given that we need more specialised healthcare as we get older. Pensioners in particular, may be concerned about health cover. Both their age and income constraints can hinder their ability to get appropriate health cover. Given that elderly people are more prone to...

March is TB Awareness Month

March is TB Awareness Month

About 1.5 million people die of Tuberculosis (TB) in the developing world every year. World TB Day is on 24 March, and the month is used to raise awareness around Tuberculosis. Remember, TB is both preventable and treatable.   Tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially serious infectious disease....

Glaucoma: Everything you need to know

Glaucoma: Everything you need to know

GLAUCOMA is believed to be the third-highest cause of blindness in the world. Around 4.5 million people worldwide suffer from Glaucoma-induced blindness.   Even more astounding, 76 million people are affected by Glaucoma. Of the people who lost their vision, 40% occurred without symptoms.  What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is...

Underlying conditions that affect COVID recovery

Underlying conditions that affect COVID

Since coronavirus hit the streets, we have been warned that people with comorbidities and pre-existing underlying conditions were at higher risk of contracting COVID19 than the rest of us  An underlying health condition is a long-term or chronic illness that weakens the immune system. COVID19 is...

Getting rid of a cough? Here's our best advice!

Getting rid of a cough? Here’s our best advice!

Dust, smoke and mucus are usually the main causes of inflammation in your breathing passage. When the passage is irritated, you cough as a reflex. This reflex action happens when the brain thinks the airway needs to be cleared.  There are three types of coughs.  The dry...

Covid-19 Home Remedies

Covid-19 Home Remedies

There have been tons of information about Covid-19 Home Remedies. Here are the most effective for milder symptoms. COVID-19 doesn't have a cure. Because of this fact, people who are infected with the virus are treated for their symptoms, instead of with an antidote. The biggest...