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Is cheap medical insurance worth it?

Are cheap healthcare plans worth it?

Because medical insurance is still a fairly new product in South Africa, there are many questions about its validity and overall effectiveness.

A major concern of potential clients is the very low pricing of most medical insurance plans, compared to the premiums in the better known ‘medical aid’ market.

Why is it so affordable?

Medical Insurance is usually very affordable, which can often deter people who believe it to be “too
good to be true”. And of course, as with all products, there are scams and knock offs. Affinity Health
is, however, affordable as well as reliable, with a track record of covering medical bills for remarkably low monthly premiums.

Medical insurance premiums are so affordable because they cover the essential procedures, and cover isn’t as extensive as one would get from a medical aid.

Is it worth it?


Many procedures covered by extensive medical aid plans are ‘low risk’ and unlikely to occur. For a fraction of the cost, medical insurance covers the essential needs of you and your family; medicine, day-to-day doctors’ visits, in hospital expenses and emergencies – depending on the plan you choose.

Affinity Health offers three basic plans.

Depending on your needs, there is a Day-to-Day plan, a Hospital Plan, and a Combined Plan for extensive cover.

Affinity also provides specialised plans for children, as well as the elderly.

A Day-to-Day health plan for the management and treatment of common daily illnesses, injury and essential medical requirements starts at R509 a month.

These rates should give you some indication of what you will be paying monthly depending on the type of health plan chosen and the number of members on your policy.

Premiums may be subject to an additional risk premium and will be confirmed upon application.

The Hospital plan starts at R819 for the main member.

Contact Affinity Health today for a full range of options for you and your family.

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