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Day to Day hospital plan

What is a Day to Day Plan?

When it comes to health insurance, different types of insurance plans are designed to cover different situations, depending on the direct needs to the customer. One of these types of plans is a Day to Day plan, which covers everyday medical issues.

But what does ‘Day to Day’ cover entail?

Essentially, this covers everything that isn’t covered in your hospital plan – everyday medical expenses that may arise. Different health insurance providers have ‘day to day’ plans which have their own set of events or needs that they cover. This will be stipulated in the agreement that you sign with the specific provider. However, there are similarities between all providers, if one were to explain a general ‘Day to Day’ option.

A good Day to Day plan covers doctor’s visits.  Not everyone has cash at hand all the time to pay for these visits, and that’s why Day to Day benefits are crucial.

Let’s say it’s the middle of the month, and your budget has been expended. Knowing that you or your loved one can still see a doctor without needing to worry about costs is very reassuring.

Affinity Health’s Day to Day plan

Affinity Health’s Day to Day plan goes above and beyond, adding many other important Day to Day services.  It gives members access to a nationwide network of medical professionals.

The Affinity Health Day-to-Day plan has been designed to help you cover the everyday costs of staying healthy, which includes dentist consultations too. It also covers prescribed medication or receiving a pair of reading glasses. If you choose Affinity Health’s Day to Day cover, you can receive service from any Medical Society Centre for primary healthcare and medical treatment.

Other services, like Post-hospital private home nursing to the value of R10,000.00, are also covered.

Basic radiology and pathology are also covered when recommended by your GP.

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