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heath insurance include funeral

Does health insurance include funeral cover?

Health cover and funeral cover are two very different types of insurance, but are both equally important to have. But is funeral cover included in health insurance?

Health insurance is a policy that pays out when you need certain types of medical assistance. There are day-to-day plans, hospital cover and combined plans available, depending on the specific needs of the policyholder.

Affinity Health insurance offers all three of these cover options.

Funeral cover is an insurance policy that pays out a lump sum to your family in the event of your death.

Does medical insurance include funeral cover?

The short answer is yes, most do.

Affinity Health offers funeral cover as an added benefit of the day-to-day health insurance cover. However, not all medical insurance providers do. Funeral cover is a separate benefit.

Besides funeral cover, the Affinity Health Day-to-Day plan’s benefits include unlimited Doctor Visits, subject to primary healthcare referrals, acute medication, Basic Dentistry and Optometry, Access to our nationwide network of medical professionals and Post-hospital private home nursing to the value of R10 000 a year.

You also receive service from any Medical Society Centre for primary healthcare and medical treatment.

Can I purchase funeral cover on its own?

Yes, you can.

In the unfortunate event of death, the Affinity Funeral Plan can help protect your loved ones from unexpected funeral expenses, such as the burial, food and transport of mourners.

There are options for half cover, which pays out R10 000, Full cover which offers R20 000 and Full cover plus, which pays out a lump sum of R30 000 to your beneficiaries.

Premiums range between R55 and R245, depending on the cover you choose. All plans pay out within 24 hours.

You can cover you, your spouse and up to five children on Full cover plus.

Does this include senior family members?

There is also a plan for pensioners called Affinity Senior.

The Affinity Funeral Senior Plan provides senior citizens from 70 years of age with R10 000 cover for you and your grandchildren.

The senior plan has a fixed premium of only R165, and also covers your grandchildren for an additional R30.

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