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South Africa’s Leading Medical Insurance Provider

Affinity Health aims to make affordable healthcare available to all South Africans.

Affinity Health Group Schemes benefits are available across a wide range of packages, which provide various cost-effective healthcare options.


With over 350 000 members, we are committed to providing our members with a broad selection of service providers, hospitals, medical experts and specialists.


Choose from the following range of simple and reliable cover options designed to create value for employees’ medical needs.


The rates below indicate the premium amounts to be paid per member, per month, depending on the package chosen and the number of members on a policy.

Affinity Reef

from R399pm


from R509pm


from R659pm

Delta Max

from R739pm

Silver Max

from R929pm

Gold Max

from R1,019pm

Platinum Max

from R1,259pm

Titanium Max

from R1,449pm

Trending Employer Support Benefits

Telehealth Consulting

Affinity Health is proud to introduce our new Telehealth Consulting benefit – a convenient and fast way of getting the medical assistance needed, without the cost of travelling to see a GP or spending more money than necessary. Includes Acute Medication recommended by the Nurse, Doctor or Mental Health Practitioner according to formulary.


The Telehealth Benefit allows access to telephonic medical consultations with a Nurse, Doctor or Mental Health Practitioner.

The benefit may be used for the following:

  • Telephonic Diagnosis
  • Medication Scripts
  • Sick Notes
  • Intelligent Doctor & Dentist Referral
  • Unlimited Medical Advice and Extended Operating Hours

The Affinity Health Medical Team consists of Registered Nurses, Doctors, and Trauma Counsellors.


We pride ourselves in creating a great customer service experience, contact us 24/7 to utilise benefits and to ensure you are referred to the appropriate medical professional for consultation and confirmation of benefits.

24/7 Health and Trauma Telephonic Assistance

This benefit provides 24/7 Emergency medical advice, ambulance services, inter-hospital transfers and hospital pre-authorisation which is required to arrange a guarantee of payment to the treating facility.

HIV/AIDS Management Programme

The HIV/AIDS programme caters to the medical and lifestyle needs of members living with HIV/AIDS and provides them with suitable treatment and tools to live a healthy life.

Integrated Emergency Response (iER)

iER is South Africa’s leading dedicated 24-hour emergency response and disaster management network. This service is linked directly to our own ‘free to use’ and graphically appealing mobile application with built in GPS location functionality.

Medical Society Private Medical Facilities

Medical Society provides affordable, professional healthcare services through the strategic location of specialised private healthcare facilities. Our geographic focus is areas of high population density where we can best serve the community.


Our team consists of experienced Health Professionals who prioritise providing superior services and quality healthcare.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Pre and Post-HIV  Testing and Counselling
  • Pre and Postnatal Support and Consultation Line
  • Treatment For Minor Injuries
  • Treatment For Acute Illnesses and Seasonal Infections
  • Dietary Advice
  • Dispense Acute Medication up to Schedule 4
  • Referral to a Doctor, Specialist or Hospital When Necessary
  • Unlimited Consultations

Unique Employer Support Features

Funeral Benefits automatically included across all plans.

Primary Healthcare services available in a private facility on most plans.

Extensive network of providers with a national footprint of Doctors (GPs).

Affordable healthcare solutions, tailor-made to the employees’ requirements.


Day clinic and Sub-Acute Facility Hospitalisation benefits on most plans to keep the costs of admission affordable.

Benefits are subject to waiting periods. Waiting Periods commence on the Inception date of the policy, unless otherwise stated. Pre-Existing Conditions are subject to a 12 Month Waiting Period from Inception date.


This is not a Medical Scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a Medical Scheme. This policy is not a substitute for a Medical Scheme Membership. Subject to Demarcation Regulations, Affinity Health does not refuse membership on the basis of any means of discrimination.

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