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Affordable Hospital Plans in South Africa

Health Insurance options in South Africa

If you are in South Africa for the last few years, you have probably heard of many companies offering medical aid, medical insurance and various hospital plans.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to healthcare, with big players in the industry like Affinity Health, Clientele Life, Discovery, One Plan, Get Savvi, Essential Med and the list goes on.

Not being insured, or being under-insured is very risky, as you could be putting yourself at risk for a hefty bill.

Affordable Health insurance should cover you for all essential health care, whatever the reason, including accidents.

If you aren’t ready for the financial commitment of full cover, however, there are hospital plan options as well.

So, what are the outright benefits of having Medical insurance?

For one, your doctor’s visits are covered.

Going to the doctor can cost anything between R150 per visit, to a whopping R400. Sometimes, especially when you have children… you find yourself needing to visit the physician several times a month, and the accumulation of bills can get overwhelming.

With a medical insurance plan, you pay one monthly premium a month for your entire family, and that covers most of your doctor’s visit.

Secondly, imagine that you are in a terrible accident, or one of your children has an accident at school, if you aren’t covered by a medical insurance, or even a hospital plan, the emergency room bill alone could wreak havoc on your personal finances.

Whether it be with Clientele Life Hospital Plan, Discovery Hospital Plan, an Affinity Health Hospital Plan or any other provider, having the insurance will assist with a large amount, if not all of the bill.


Not everyone has R20000 lying around for emergencies.

What makes Affinity Health stand out?

Taking an Affinity Health plan will you give you access to a variety of healthcare options and provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are protected by a company that you can trust.

Affinity Health also offers hospital cover for individuals and families in the event of a medical emergency or severe illness.

Most notably, there is the option of combined cover.

The Affinity Health Combined Plan provides you with a combination of all the benefits available on the Day-to-Day and Hospital Plans.

When taking a combined health cover plan, the benefit amounts for the Family Funeral and Casualty Room Treatment benefits increase. Your overall premium is also discounted.

You get Unlimited* Doctor Visits and Medication for the treatment of common daily ailments such as colds, flu and much more. This plan is tailor-made for covering the essential medical requirements of our daily lives.

Benefits also include dentistry, optometry, radiology and more.

Hospitalisation cover for accidents, severe illness and maternity. With an Affinity Health Hospital Plan, you are covered for your daily stay in hospital as well the required medical procedures as per the specifically stated conditions benefit.

The Affinity Health Day-to-Day plan has been designed to help you cover the everyday costs of staying healthy. This means going to the doctor or dentist, obtaining prescribed acute medication or receiving a pair of reading glasses. You also receive service from any Medical Society clinic for primary healthcare and medical treatment.


You have unlimited, managed doctor consultations under this benefit with a Network GP, subject to Affinity Health’s Maximum Expenditure Formulary. Your doctor will provide healthcare services and dispense or prescribe medication according to Affinity Health’s medicine formulary.


As a welcome bonus, Affinity offers partial cover for out-of-network consultations should you need to visit a doctor (GP only) that is not on our network.


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