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Blood Clots

How to naturally prevent blood clots

Blood clots are necessary when you get a scrape or cut. The blood clots seal the wound from any outside debris. And from bleeding too much. That’s a sign of a healthy immune system and body. However, blood can clot too much and lead to potentially dangerous implications. Clots might break loose and travel through your bloodstream. 

If you get a clot in your arteries, which carry oxygen in your blood from your heart to all the cells of your body, you can die. It can keep oxygen from getting to your heart, lungs, or brain and cause a life-threatening emergency; a heart attack or a stroke.

Medical conditions, such as congenital heart defects, require blood-thinning medications. This reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

Natural blood thinners reduce the blood’s ability to clot. Consult a doctor before trying natural remedies. It may not work well with your prescribed medication or as well as medicine. 

According to Medical News Today, some foods and other substances act as natural blood thinners.


Turmeric has culinary and medicinal purposes. Its active ingredient curcumin has anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning or anticoagulant properties. 

A published study from 2012 suggests that a daily dose of turmeric spice maintains the anticoagulant status of blood. Turmeric adds to curries, soups or a cup of comforting tea. 


Ginger is an anti-inflammatory spice that hinders blood clotting. Salicylate is a natural acid in ginger. Aspirin contributes to blood-thinning as a synthetic derivative of salicylate. 

Fresh or dried ginger used in baking, cooking and juices gets the anticoagulant effects of natural salicylates. Natural salicylates may not be as effective as blood-thinning medications. 

More research is needed to understand ginger’s effects on blood clotting, a 2015 study suggested. 

Cayenne peppers

Cayenne peppers thin out blood because they are high in salicylates. It is a spicy vegetable. Consume in small amounts. 

You can find cayenne pepper capsules in health food stores, as well as online. The spice benefits the lowering of your blood pressure, circulation increase and pain sensation reduction. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E reduces blood clotting in a few ways. The amount of Vitamin E used determines the effects. People on blood-thinning drugs should avoid large doses of Vitamin E. 

It is unclear how much Vitamin E can thin the blood. High doses of Vitamin E supplements on a long-term basis may have adverse effects. 

Vitamin E foods are safer than supplements Food with Vitamin present include almonds, safflower oil, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, wheat germ oil and whole grains.


Garlic serves as a natural antibiotic with antimicrobial properties. Research on odourless garlic powder identifies its antithrombotic activities. An antithrombotic agent helps to reduce blood clot formation. A review on garlic suggests that it may thin blood but only in a small dose and over a short period of time. 

Cassia cinnamon

Coumarin in cinnamon is a powerful blood-thinning agent. Warfarin is a common blood-thinning rug and derives from coumarin. 

Coumarin-rich cinnamon, used over a long term period, can cause liver damage. Cinnamon is best used in small amounts, primarily if it used with other natural blood thinners. 

Ginkgo biloba

Chinese medicine practitioners use leaves from the Ginkgo biloba tree. Ginkgo is a popular herbal supplement in different countries. People use the herb for blood disorders, memory problems and low energy. 

Ginkgo thins the blood and has fibrinolytic effects, meaning that it may dissolve blood clots. A study confirmed that ginkgo extract has similar effects to streptokinase. It also treats blood clots. The study was performed in a laboratory and not on animals or humans. 

Grape seed extract

Evidence suggests that grape seed extract has possible benefits for many heart and blood conditions. Grape seed extract contains antioxidants that may prevent high blood pressure and protect blood vessels. 

The extract may act as a natural blood thinner. Do not take grape seed extract if you have a blood disorder, are taking blood-thinning medication and about to have an operation. A health trusted source suggests this. 

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is another traditional Chinese herb. It is also known as female ginseng and may reduce blood clotting. It should be taken orally as herbal tea or soup. 

Studies on animals report that Dong Quai can increase the length of time blood clots. Coumarin is also contained in Dong Quai. It is the same substance found in cinnamon. 


Feverfew is a medicinal herb. It comes from the same family as daisies or the Asteraceae used for migraines, specific digestive orders and fever. 

The herb may act as a blood thinner. It inhibits platelets and blood clotting prevention. Feverfew comes in capsule or liquid form. 

The bottom line

Natural substance reduces clotting to some degree. It is not as effective as blood-thinning medication. Research the different foods and supplements before making any definite purchases.

Before making any substantial dietary, exercise or health-related decisions, the best thing to do is speak to a registered medical professional. 

Seeing a doctor multiple times can get costly. Affinity Health is here to make healthcare and advice accessible and affordable. 

We can provide a day-to-day plan, a hospital plan, or a combination of both! 

You can also benefit from a range of specialised booster options.

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