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The Official National Department of Health COVID-19 Support Service: 060 012 3456 (WhatsApp)

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Innovator Range

Your innovative solution to health cover


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Quality cover, affordable price.

Introducing the Affinity Health Innovator Range, a range of health plans designed to provide quality health cover at affordable rates. The rising cost of healthcare means that no-one should be without medical cover, and the Innovator Range has been developed for the financially savvy consumer to access the same quality medical insurance services with a budget-friendly price point.

Affinity Health’s medical cover options are developed to suit your budget and different needs. Our plans are easy to understand, with no hidden fees or confusing jargon. Plus, our options are designed to adapt to your changing circumstances. So, we’ve got you covered whether you’re starting a family, changing jobs, or just needing extra cover.

unlimited doctor visits

*Unlimited Doctor Visits

Access to over 3000 practices and 2000 dentist rooms on our provider network.

Innovator Series

Affinity’s range of health plans are developed to suit your budget and different needs


Why choose Affinity Health?

Our health insurance provides you with these great benefits:

  • Affinity Health boasts the largest national network in the country.
  • Members have access to unlimited Telehealth Consultations, including medication, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • The Telehealth call centre allows members to access any GP on the network throughout South Africa.
  • A Chronic Management Programme is available to assist with long-term lifestyle management for major chronic illnesses, such as HIV and Diabetes, and covers 24 chronic conditions.
  • Multiple communication platforms, including Whatsapp, please-call-me, website live chat, email, call centre, and social media, are available for members’ convenience.
  • Affinity Health offers a separate Maternity Benefit that does not affect the annual limits of other hospitalisation benefits.
  • Members can upgrade their cover anytime during the year to access additional benefits.
  • Optional increased benefits are available to customise plan features further, such as extended hospitalisation cover for illness to include ICU coverage and increased accident hospitalisation cover of up to R1 Million per event.
  • Affinity Health’s case management team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to ensure members receive adequate service and are admitted to nationwide hospital facilities. Affinity Health provides an extensive suite of wellness benefits, including unlimited mental wellness consultations.
  • Members can access customised financial wellness programs to reduce debt and increase investments. Additionally, legal assistance is available for workmen’s compensation and road accident fund claims.

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