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Insurance plans for children

Are there insurance plans for Children?

Children get the sniffles way more than adults do. From playground infections to colds and flu in winter, kids are susceptible to all sorts of germs.

Having health insurance cover for children could save moms and dads a wad of cash, and also give them peace of mind that if need be, medical assistance is available for their kids.

But are there insurance providers in South Africa that have health insurance packages that are designed specifically for children?

Yes, there are. And Affinity health is one of them.

Affinity Junior was introduced by Affinity Health as a specially designed insurance package to match the healthcare needs of children.

There is day-to-day cover for doctor’s visits to help you cover the everyday costs of staying healthy. Then, the hospital plan is there to offer you and your children access to a wide range of in-hospital features and benefits in the event of an emergency or other hospitalisation.

According to Vital, young children get sick more than adults mainly because they haven’t yet built up the necessary immunity to the host of viruses out there. And then, of course, they spend time with other children who are similarly only starting out on the path to immunity. When kids cough and sneeze, germs end up on their hands and are spread when they touch each other.

Vox.com agrees; it’s no surprise researchers have found that kids younger than 6 get about six to eight colds per year. (Note: Those are only the studies on colds.) And if a child gets a virus she’s never had before, because she has no pre-existing protection, her illness is typically going to be more intense and last longer.

Remember, when your kids get sick more often, the chances of you getting sick too are pretty good. We love kissing booboos and holding our babies close when they aren’t feeling well, so make sure that you have health cover for your whole family. Get a hospital plan quote, or a day-to-day plan quote today!

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