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Should I just get a hospital plan?

Advancements in the insurance sector has given consumers more and more choices over the last few years. Before, the only option for medical cover was full medical aid.

Now, there seem to be several plans that are tailored to various budgets. A family can now opt for either medical aid, a medical insurance plan (which has different properties), hospital cover, or a hospital plan.
What is a hospital plan, exactly?

A hospital plan covers you with basic financial cover for certain in-hospital procedures. It isn’t as comprehensive as medical insurance, but is offered by a not-for profit medical scheme and will cover your ‘in hospital’ expenses.
Hospital plan quotes differ amongst providers, all of which set their own limits and exemptions when negotiating cover. Whether or not you will have to pay any additional fees for procedures, will depend on the plan you have.

The best hospital plan in South Africa will ensure that when you are admitted into hospital, whether it be for a procedure, an accident or illness, your bills will be taken care of in full. Make sure that you are familiar with the procedures that are covered before you sign with a particular hospital plan provider. Be prepared if you are required to make a co-payment on certain procedures.

Hospital cover does not cover day to day expenses, however, as there are 27 chronic conditions, that all medical aid plans must cover.

A hospital plan is a great option for someone who has just started out their career and needs affordable cover in case of an emergency. It is much less of a financial commitment than a full out medical aid plan.

Statistically, most people start out with a hospital plan, and move on to other medical cover options as their needs change. Usually, they make the move once they are older, or start a family. As one of the fastest growing providers of Hospital Plans and Health Cover in South Africa, Affinity Health offers you an affordable Hospital Plan that gives you access to a wide range of features and benefits when you need it most.

The great thing about an Affinity Health Hospital Plan is that you get a much wider choice of hospitals and doctors than if you were a public patient.

Accidents happen when you least expect them and even the healthiest amongst us can fall victim to disease and illness.

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