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My Affinity Story - Genevieve Manickum

My Affinity Story – Genevieve Manickum

 Hi, I am Genevieve Manickum, I am 23 and I live in Johannesburg. 

I have been with Affinity for over a year now and I must say, they never disappoint!

Whenever I need to see my GP, I send them a please call me and within half an hour I get a call from an agent, and they are always so friendly!

The agent always asks me if I am ok, what do I need assistance with and they always tell me everything will be fine.

They give me my pre-authorisation code, the receptionist at my GP is always so pleased that I come there with the pre-authorisation code.

I have never experienced any bad attitudes, nothing of that sort, the agents are always so kind, they’re helpful, they make sure that I am ok, that I am safe. 

That is my Affinity Health Story!

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