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My Affinity Story – Kamogelo Mokete

I am Kamogelo Mokete, from Gauteng and Limpopo.

A mother of three beautiful kids!

I am here to talk about My Affinity Story.

My Affinity Health story started one sleepless night, just being bored in bed, no sleep is coming. 

I always wanted to get medical aid, so I took this chance that night to browse the net and hoped I would find something. 

I was finding a lot of things, and I was inquiring about them, putting in my details so that they could call me the following day. 

I came across Affinity Health medical insurance, and I enquired about that also.

The next day I was waiting on a lot of calls because I did a lot of enquiries. 

So, during the day I was just ticking yes, no, yes, no, we will call you back, we will think about it. Then an Affinity Health sales rep. called me, he asked me what are the important things I want from a medical cover. 

I knew all the time that I wanted unlimited visitations to doctors, and he said Affinity Health can offer that to you. 

He offered me a good plan for Affinity Health medical insurance and I said yes to that offer, and I am very glad that I said yes on that day and I received all my paperwork and everything. 

And I was in on Affinity Health medical insurance!

We appreciate all of our members. Thank you Kamogelo Mokete for sharing your Affinity Health story.

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