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My Affinity Story - Patrick Maponyane

My Affinity Story – Patrick Maponyane

Hi, I am Patrick Maponyane, from Katlehong.
I have been with Affinity for well over two, to three years now.
It is basically medical insurance for my son.
After I did a few quotes on Hippo, Affinity came out on top.
I was looking for medical insurance.

They were very affordable, their rates were brilliant, specif and straight to the point!

They have a Day-to-Day cover, which is what I am currently on right now.
It is a months waiting period then you have unlimited GP visits, they also have specialists cover, which, if you want to go to see a specialist they give you pre-authorisation and they give you a code that you can use for the practitioner to be paid.
And if you want to see a medical practitioner of your own choice, if you paid for a specialist from your own pocket they will reimburse you for the money that you spent, come to the end of the month.**
They also have benefits like the emergency cover, chronic disease cover and other nice benefits like a dental cover. So it is an all-in-one plan, the Day-to-Day cover.
They also have other plans like the hospital plan, but I am currently on the Day-to-Day plan, so I have been enjoying those benefits.

This is Patrick and this is My Affinity Story.


We appreciate all of our members. Thank you Patrick for sharing your Affinity Health story.

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