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Is meditation good for the body?

Is meditation good for the body?

Eastern medicine has long proclaimed the health benefits of including meditation in a daily routine.  In the last decade, many people have become interested in spiritual awakening, and mindful meditation has become very popular. Even celebrities are proclaiming the benefits of different types of meditative practices.  Oprah...

Is banting still a good idea?

Is Banting still a good idea?

The banting diet is one of the most followed diet trends in the last ten years. Followers of the diet, who have been referred to as the 'Noakes Cult' by critics, swear by its fast-acting weight-loss properties. Other health benefits have also been claimed, such...

How your lungs work

How your lungs work

We use our lungs to breathe; the single most crucial function to stay alive. Each human has two lungs, located on either side of the body. This means that there is one of the left and one of the right. The lungs are a significant...

alternatives for contact lens solution

Alternatives for contact solution

Ever considered alternatives for contact solution? Let’s say you have had a long day, wearing your contact lenses and now you want to take them out and give your tired eyes a rest. You are ready to wear your spectacles for the hour or so...

Keep your seasonal allergies in check

Keep your seasonal allergies in check

Allergies can be annoying. Some allergies are just mild sniffles or itchy eyes. Then, other seasonal allergies can be absolutely debilitating. Many people suffer from intense headaches, blocked noses and excess mucous and saliva. Allergies are common, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. It can really...

The dangers of cellphones

Cellphones: Are they dangerous?

Cellphones - A popular Internet joke tries to debunk the many conspiracy theorists by asking: “Is your cell phone dangerous?” The short answer is: “Yes, if you throw it at someone.” But, between talks of dangerous radiation, and your phone light damaging your eyes (and...

What causes headaches?

Headaches: The top 7 triggers

Having a headache can really make it unbearable to keep your eyes open. Usually, a headache is a dull, aching pain behind the eyes, but headaches can present in many ways and forms, depending on the cause.  Migraines, tension headaches and cluster headaches, in their variants,...


Medical Care: How ventilators work

Ventilator - Amidst COVID-19, the biggest concern of the medical industry is the lack of ventilators. This is a worldwide concern, which fuelled the #flattenthecurve movement. To flatten the curve means to lower the number of infections that occur at the same time. The fewer...

Home remedies for pain relief

Home remedies for pain relief

Home Remedies for Pain - Pain can range from mild to debilitating. Most times, pain will signal a more serious underlying issue that definitely needs medical attention. But getting to a doctor isn’t always possible immediately. Whether the pain is a dull ache, or at...

Woman with headaches

Headaches: What they mean

Headaches can mean anything from dehydration to a brain tumour. A headache can be a symptom of a larger issue or even a condition on its own. Headaches, migraines and other afflictions can be complicated to diagnose, but did you know that you can differentiate...