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Shining a spotlight on Hepatitis

World Hepatitis Day is on the 28th July 2019 World Hepatitis Day is one of only four official disease-specific world health days recognised by the World Health Organisation.  The Hepatitis Foundation of South Africa estimates that around 800,000 to 1,4 million people have chronic Hepatitis B...

baby with fever

When to worry about your baby’s temperature

Something all parents can agree on is that a high temperature, especially in your new-born baby can be scary. But what does a high temperature indicate, when can you treat it at home and when is it time to go to the emergency room? Well, every...

sick pregnant woman

What is hyperemesis?

Most women are expected to experience some morning sickness in their pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Morning sickness is a pregnant woman’s inability to hold down food and drink, especially in the morning (although it can occur at any time of the day). As...

healthy food

Is it really more expensive to eat healthier?

With the increase in social consciousness surrounding eating a healthier, more wholesome diet which consists of organic, grain fed or otherwise more nature conserving produce, there has been the shared perception that it was a more expensive, elite way of eating. Yes, there are many...

absent seizures

Absence Seizures – Do You Get Them?

If you notice that your child has prolonged moments of staring off into space, or doesn’t respond for a few seconds at a time – he/she may be suffering from a very common paediatric condition known as ‘Absent Seizures’. Absence seizures very rarely occur in adulthood,...

How to strengthen your immune system this winter

Your immune system is instrumental in helping your body fight off bacteria and infections and as winter approaches, you are more likely to fall ill. Strengthen your immune system this winter with a few simple steps and ensure a healthier season for yourself and loved...

Do you know what Vitiligo is?

World Vitiligo Day is on the 25th June   Vitiligo is a disease that kills the skin cells that produce melanin, causing the loss of skin colour in blotches.  The disease affects all races and skin types, but is more noticeable in people with darker skin and...

renal health

Renal Health: It can all go wrong very quickly

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the instances of renal failure in South Africa. The two most common conditions that cause kidney damage are high blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetes, both being prevalent owing to poor eating habits. Kidney disease...

International Nurses Day

Nurses serve humanity by leading the charge for health and wellness among their patients, their families and themselves.  Thank you for being our compassionate and competent caregivers. International Nurses Day is celebrated on the 12th May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a historical character known around...