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Does medical insurance cover mental health

Does health insurance cover mental illness?

Medical Aid and Medical Insurance have many similarities when it comes to the type of cover they offer, but one of the many differences between the two types of health benefits is that when you have medical insurance, it probably doesn’t cover a mental health...

medical bills

How to reduce your premiums

When taking out health insurance, you sometimes have to undergo a series of health tests, as a screening protocol, to determine your monthly premium. The healthier you are, the better rate you will receive. There are definitely things within your control that you can do...


Skincare: Summer vs Winter

Winter is fast approaching in South Africa and with it comes its own skin-damaging weather conditions. When it comes to changing skincare routines from summer to winter, some things will definitely change in your toiletry bag, but surprisingly enough, some items will remain.One such product...


How to Lower your Medical Bills

At one point or another, everyone will get a massive medical bill that will be a huge setback financially. It is very important to be prepared for any emergencies that may come your way. Medical bills can accumulate to such an extent that they get...

World Salt Awareness Week 2019

A pinch of salt?

Did you know that there is an official, international week dedicated to salt?  World Salt Awareness Week 2019 runs from the 4th to the 11th of March and while this may sound like a fun, novel topic, there are international groups like WASH (World Action on Salt...


Is a Hospital Plan enough?

Deciding on the right medical aid, medical insurance or a hospital plan is no small task. There are many aspects to consider when you decide which type of cover is best for your family. As daunting as the task may seem, it is very necessary.A...

What is chronic pain?

What exactly is chronic pain?

Everyone experiences pain once in a while, whether it’s joint pain, head or stomach ache or an old injury flaring up, chances are with some medication and rest the pain will eventually subside. Chronic pain, however, is quite different. What is chronic pain?Chronic pain is any...