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Concussions - Everything you need to know to save a life

Concussions – Everything you need to know

Nobody likes to get hit on the head. It hurts. People instinctively cover their heads when they are in a threatening situation - but there are times when direct impact happens out of the blue. A concussion is the result of severe head trauma and this...

January is the time to sign up to Affinity Health

January is the time to sign up to Affinity Health

As the world is experiencing a global pandemic, the topic of health care for 2021 is more relevant than ever. Affinity Health continues to provide affordable healthcare available to all South Africans with healthcare plans designed to suit your health and financial needs.  The uncertainty of...

Teen Vaping: Tips For Parents By Affinity Health

Teen Vaping: Tips For Parents By Affinity Health

The signs are clear: The use of electronic cigarettes among youths has reached an epidemic proportion. Affinity Health provides tips for parents on how to prevent their teens from becoming part of a new vaping generation. Vaping rates among young people are skyrocketing, with E-cigarettes being...

The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar and it’s health benefits

Apple cider vinegar is a popular item on nearly every ‘burn fat fast’ or ‘how to stop hair loss’ list on the internet - and for a good reason.  As an age-old home remedy, the vinegar has been used as a preservative and a disinfectant, besides...

Health goals for 2021

Health goals for 2021

If you take baby steps with your health goals and build up a sturdy foundation, it is likely that you will stay motivated and achieve your goals in good time.  When it comes to health goals, slow and steady will win the race. Making drastic...

Tips to stay healthy over Christmas

Tips to stay healthy over Christmas

Christmas comes loaded with the siren call of many wants. This year may be different though, as COVID-19 is still very much around making everyone slow down, all fully aware of the need to practise social distancing and sanitising. Staying healthy during COVID-19 should be a...