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Making Christmas meals healthier

Making Christmas meals healthier

Traditional Christmas meals can seriously derail all attempts at healthy living. Plates get piled high with five different kinds of meat dripping in fat and gravy, yellow rice that you haven't seen all year, golden roast potatoes all crispy on the outside and oily within,...

Affinity Health dispels the myths around epilepsy

Affinity Health dispels the myths around epilepsy

There are many misconceptions surrounding epilepsy. Affinity Health dispels the myths around this non-infectious neurological disease. Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder involving some form of injury to the brain. The hallmark of epilepsy is recurrent, unprovoked seizures that occur when a burst of electrical impulses...

Sleep and your health

Sleep and your health

Not having a good night's rest does not only make you grumpy and not able to stay focused, but it has severe consequences for your health. Poor sleep patterns put you at risk of developing diabetes, obesity and even heart diseases. Although everyone does experience...

Are you eating too much salt?

Salt: Do you eat too much?

Having salt in your food is necessary, but the amount of salt consumed has to be monitored. Salt not only adds flavour to any dish, but it is essential for nerve function, muscle function and to maintain water and mineral balance. However, regardless of these functions,...

World AIDS Day 2020 | Affinity Health

World AIDS Day 2020 | Affinity Health

This World AIDS Day, join Affinity Health in calling on countries to step up their efforts to achieve healthier societies.  World AIDS Day takes place on 1 December each year. It’s a chance for people across the globe to unite in the fight against HIV and...

Practising self-care on a budget

Self-care on a budget

Over the last few years our lives have become undeniably stressful, and finances are a great contributor to the added pressure.  Family and work-related pressures are also just part of the adult experience. This is why self-care is vital! If we do not take care...