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What do physiotherapists do?

What do physiotherapists actually do?

In the field of health and medicine, there are many types of physicians and specialists. It can be hard to understand exactly what each one does and even harder to find the exact professional help for your specific ailment.One such specialty is physiotherapy. More popular...


Hand sanitiser vs washing hands

Recently, South Africa experienced a water shortage scare that forced residents to find new ways of saving water, while they remain hygienic and hydrated. In that time, the popularity of hand sanitiser soared, so much so that hand sanitiser was used in malls, offices and...

questions to ask doctor

Questions to ask your doctor

It is very important to always keep an open line of communication with your doctor. Don’t be afraid to speak to your doctor about any medical issue that may be on your mind.Make the most of your doctor’s visits by taking the opportunity to ask...

medical insurance and emergency

Can you use your health insurance in emergencies?

Medical emergencies can happen at any time. Without insurance cover, you may find yourself in need of medical attention that will leave you out of pocket.However, even if you do have medical insurance, certain insurers may not cover your emergency bills, depending on the contract...

How to keep your fitness resolutions

Tips to keep your health resolutions into February

Traditionally, many people use the transition into the New Year to set goals for themselves to improve either financially, physically or mentally.Common New Year’s resolutions are: to quit smoking, drink less alcohol, eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise more.The first few days are met...

What is preventative care?

What’s Considered ‘Preventive’ Care?

Medical insurance is there to cover you when you are ill and need medical assistance, whether it’s for common ailments or certain chronic diseases that you may be suffering from.However, there is something known as preventive care that is meant to assist you before you...

Health insurance for unmarried couples

Health Insurance for Unmarried Couples

In many communities, co-habitation out of wedlock is widely practised and accepted, and many couples choose this way of life for years, even decades.So, when it comes to making legal decisions such as life policies, medical insurance and the like, the legislation is constantly being...

Is cheap medical insurance worth it?

Are cheap healthcare plans worth it?

Because medical insurance is still a fairly new product in South Africa, there are many questions about its validity and overall effectiveness. A major concern of potential clients is the very low pricing of most medical insurance plans, compared to the premiums in the better known...