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The difference between Radiology & Pathology

The difference between Radiology & Pathology

Radiology & Pathology are completely different medical specialities. The medical field is made up of hundreds of different job titles and descriptions. When we think of medical professionals, many of us only consider doctors and nurses, but it takes a whole team of staff to...

Stomach ulcers: everything you need to know

Stomach ulcers: everything you need to know

Many things can cause stomach pain. A very common culprit is a stomach ulcer. Also known as a peptic ulcer, there are several causes for the ailment – which affects around one in ten people. Peptic ulcers are essentially holes or sores in the protective...

Protecting you & your family

Did you know you can save on premiums and increase cover when you add more dependents or upgrade your single policy to a family policy? The meaning of family exists in varying forms for different people. It might not look identical to anyone else’s family, but...

What is oedema and how does it form?

What is oedema and how does it form?

Oedema can affect any part of the body and is a painful, uncomfortable condition. Oedema is the medical term for localised swelling and can have several causes. Most times, sufferers have swelling of the extremities; hands, feet, ankles and so on. It can range from...