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Planning your pregnancy with Affinity Health

Congratulations on your imminent bundle of joy! Pregnancy is a wonderful time of happiness and celebration, but it is also a time of preparation! Having a good medical insurance policy can take a weight off your shoulders over the next 9 months and longer.
Affinity Health offers a selection of Maternity benefits, as well as special perks for new moms and babies.

Can I join if I am already pregnant?

No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, unfortunately it is regarded as a pre-existing condition if you are not already covered by medical insurance. The medical insurer is not obligated to cover anything related to your pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial to still acquire the cover regardless.

The scheme may not cover the pregnancy or birth, but your baby will be covered upon birth, as well as non-pregnancy related conditions you may suffer from, such as should you catch the flu, or anything non-pregnancy related during gestation.

Once the baby is born, Affinity Health’s Customer Care department must be contacted within 30 days on the birth to add the baby onto the policy and arrange payment for the new dependant’s premium.

Should the new-born require medical treatment, he/she will qualify for the same benefits as the main member such as Daily Illness Benefit, Double Daily Illness Booster and ICU Booster. However, if the new-born is not registered within 30 days of birth, normal waiting periods will apply.

I am already a member, what are the benefits?

Members may make use of The Birthing Team, a professional group of maternity specialists who would add the baby to their Maternity Benefit for an additional fee.

The Birthing Team offers an end-to-end maternity programme from pregnancy right through to birth and up to 6 weeks post-natal care.

The programme provides assistance for low-risk natural births and clinically necessary Caesarean sections.

Contact our Customer Care Team on 0861 11 00 33 for more information.

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