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Senior Health Cover

Day-to-Day and Hospital Cover for Seniors aged 55 - 75 years

The Affinity Health Day-to-Day and Hospital Plans now cater for members who are between the ages of 55 and 75 years.


Senior Citizens are the backbone of our society and Affinity Health understands the importance of ensuring that as a senior, your health and well-being is taken care of. This is why we have launched the Affinity Senior Plan. Rest assured that in the event of a medical crisis, Affinity Senior has you covered.

Choose from Day-to-Day, Hospital as well as Combined cover. These plans provide you with a wide range of benefits including unlimited* doctor consultations to any GP of your choice on our network, basic acute medication within our medicine formulary, basic dentistry, an optometry benefit as well as a selection of in-hospital treatment.

The Senior plan also caters for Spouse and Dependants on the same policy.

The maximum entry age for Senior is 70yrs.

The Senior Plan starts from R600pm


Doctor visits, medication and more

Hospital Plan

Accidents, Illness, Maternity and more