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Skincare: Summer vs Winter

Winter is fast approaching in South Africa and with it comes its own skin-damaging weather conditions. When it comes to changing skincare routines from summer to winter, some things will definitely change in your toiletry bag, but surprisingly enough, some items will remain.

One such product that you can pack into your handbag all-year round is sunscreen.


Some people swear by using high SPF sunscreen to protect their skin in the summer sun, but it is a myth that you don’t need the product during winter. The sun’s rays are in fact just as damaging in winter and any climate, no matter how cloudy or overcast the day may be.

Chap stick!

Winter also goes hand in hand with dry, cracked or chapped skin. The air is drier and humidity lower, so use a moisturiser on your lips, before adding your lipstick.

Why is skincare different in winter?

OTC Beauty explains that winter months are colder and drier than summer months when heat and humidity levels are on the rise. When skin is exposed to the harsh winter weather, it takes a beating, becoming excessively dry, irritated and chapped. Clothing protects most of your skin, but we often fail to protect our faces. Moving indoors isn’t any better as constantly running heaters and dehumidifiers saps every bit of moisture from the air.

Bath less!

We know it sounds gross, but you want to preserve your natural oils in winter! OTC recommends that you take shorter, warmer showers and baths. “Hot water strips away natural oils as does staying submerged in water. Adding moisturisers to bath water helps, but take care when exiting as the tub will be slippery,” says Loc Tran.

In all seasons, drink lots of water and eat fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your skin healthy and strong and glowing, naturally!

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