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Trendy supplements and how they work

Trendy supplements and how they work

Supplements have been all the rage for the last few years. Many Instagram models, YouTubers and other online stars have been endorsed by companies who manufacture vitamins, energy drinks and all sorts of boosters. It is a multimillion-dollar industry, and of course, the celebrity endorsements have made supplements more popular than ever before. 

Most recently, influencers have taken to creating their own lines of supplements; this is particularly true in the beauty guru online community. 

The trendy side of health seems to be encouraging the new generation to take extra care of their bodies with added nutrients. 

Supplement Trends

The supplements industry has a pill for every need your body has; be it aesthetic or internal healing. The word ‘trend’ usually leaves a negative impression, but the new-age fixation with holistic health can be a good thing in moderation. 

Of course, gorging oneself of tens of supplements each day isn’t healthy and will probably be a waste of money. These days, supplements can cost hundreds of rands, depending on the brand. Also, it is important that when you are supplementing to adjust your lifestyle to attain the health and fitness goals you are hoping to achieve. We get most of our nutrients from the food we eat, so changing your diet to a balanced, green-leafy-vegetable heavy one will have you reaping bountiful vitamin dense rewards. 

Risk factors related to  your Supplement

Supplements can be harmful in large amounts. Some supplements do have the potential to be very potent, says Peaceful Dumpling. It’s why we take them, after all. Certain supplements are usually reserved for strictly medicinal use by the medical traditions that came long before new-age wellness. 

This is why it is important to consult your doctor before making any dietary changes and before taking any sort of supplement. Your body may not react well to the sudden surge of vitamins and minerals. Also, you stand the chance of toxicity if you don’t get your dosage just right for your unique dietary needs. 

Having medical insurance like Affinity Health gives you the option of consulting a professional when you need to, without worrying about the cost. You may need a few consultations with your doctor to get your dosage just right, so be patient.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has become quite popular with natural medicine enthusiasts in the last few years. 

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from bone char, coconut shells, peat, petroleum coke, coal, olive pits, or sawdust, Healthline explains.

Its benefits aren’t new information, though; mainstream hospitals have used activated charcoal in emergency rooms to prevent overdoses. It catches toxins in the bloodstream and helps it exit the body.

Nowadays, people use it to do just that. It is believed to keep the gut clear of any bad bacteria and remove toxins from the body. But, experts have warned that regularly consuming charcoal as a supplement could lead to constipation and dehydration. It also affects the way your body absorbs any other medication you may be taking.

Sugar Bear Hair Supplements

If you are an avid social media user, particularly Instagram; you have probably seen your favourite influencer talk about vegan, vitamin gummies. 

Sugar Bear Hair is a multivitamin supplement that promises users shiny, full, thick, illustrious locks. 

It is the bestselling hair vitamin online since 2016, according to the official site. It continues that the gummy bear vitamins are gelatine free and are made with pectin instead. Pectin comes from fruit and makes the vitamin bears chewy and guilt-free for those who prefer to avoid animal products. 

Sugar Bear Hair has as much vitamin A as four cups of broccoli, as much vitamin C as a cup of cranberries, and as much vitamin B12 as four organic eggs. It reportedly has a combination of 15 natural vitamins and minerals including zinc, Biotin, and B-group vitamins, as well as coconut oil, additives and sugar.

SBH is an American brand, but they are available all over the world.

The reviews of the product are mixed. One woman praised the product for helping her hair grow back fast after her chemo. She says:  “My last chemo was on 11 August. I started taking sugar bear about one-month post-chemo. I am now approaching four months and my hair is over an inch long and that is after a trim about a month ago. My hair is growing crazy fast! It’s so exciting to see the difference from month to month.”

Others are, however, sceptical of the massive claims SBH makes.

Sydney-based nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen, told News AU: “I think we’re quite obsessed with getting healthy and the idea that you could thicken your locks and get really perfect, shiny hair just by adding in a multivitamin is too good to be true. Protein is actually the building block of hair, amino acids [what protein gets broken down into] are what your hair is made up of. This isn’t going to be a source of protein in any respect, in fact, the main ingredient is glucose. You’re going to get a far better result by eating lean meats, seeds, nuts, eggs, tofu, and healthy omega 3s like oily fish. The other thing is that it’s missing iron, which is another key vitamin for hair growth.”


You may not even have realised it, but you hear of CoQ10 quite a bit. It is mentioned in any ‘anti-aging cream’ adverts. 

Older people have now started taking it as a supplement in an attempt to stave off Alzheimer’s and other symptoms of brain deterioration that are associated with age.

According to JAMA:  “No dietary supplement prevents cognitive decline or dementia, yet supplements advertised as such are widely available.”

Eat This, Not That concludes that there is no proven supplement to prevent cognitive decline. The best course of action is just eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and healthy oils, and making time for routine physical activity. You may also want to exercise the brain for fun in the form of crossword puzzles or simply just having a conversation with others. 

Don’t wait till you’re close to retirement to get these great habits going. Start right now and begin reaping the benefits of healthy, clean living.

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