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Which health insurance package is best for the family?

If you’re new to Affinity Health Insurance, or looking for the perfect package to fit your family, there are loads of options available to choose from. From cover for the kids in the Affinity Junior option, to sufficient health insurance for your elderly parents with Affinity senior; everyone in your family has an equal opportunity for cover.

Affinity has day-to-day cover, a hospital plan and even a combined plan to meet your family’s needs. But even more impressive is the ability to mix and match plans. Find a plan for each family member, from grandparents to new-borns.

Affinity Senior Plan

Being covered by a health-insurance plan is a necessity at any age. But the need for medical assistance increases as we age. This is because our bodies will naturally deteriorate, no matter how fit and healthy we are.

Besides the benefits of a regular hospital and day-to-day plan, the senior plan also caters for a spouse and dependants.

The Affinity Health Day-to-Day and Hospital plans offer a wide range of benefits. This includes unlimited* doctor consultations to any GP of your choice on our network, basic acute medication, hospitalisation for illness and medical emergencies and much more.

Affinity Junior

In 2020, Affinity Health offers a health insurance package especially designed for children, called Affinity Junior.

Your kids are your main priority, so having them covered by Affinity Junior makes keeping them healthy and happy possible. Affinity Health offers affordable, reliable health insurance for children under the age of 12.

Cover starts at R539/month for Day-to-Day Cover and R828/month for Hospital Cover. The package includes unlimited, managed doctor consultations, medication and hospitalisation.

Affinity for new moms

Having a baby can be pretty costly, especially if you want to do it in a private hospital. After conception, all the way through to the birth, pregnancy-related consultations, tests, scans and other procedures can cost thousands of rand.

Affinity Health not only offers a selection of Maternity benefits, but there are also special perks for new moms and babies.

If you are an existing affinity health member and you fall pregnant, you can make use of The Birthing Team, a professional group of maternity specialists who would add the baby to their Maternity Benefit for an additional fee. It is still beneficial to acquire insurance within your pregnancy, so that as soon as baby is born, the benefits will cover him/her.

The Birthing Team offers an end-to-end maternity, with up to 6 weeks post-natal care.

The programme provides assistance for low-risk natural births and clinically necessary Caesarean sections.

Contact our Customer Care Team on 0861 11 00 33 for more information.

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