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Why you should add prunes to your diet

A diet high in fruit and vegetables is recommended by most doctors, as it will ensure that your body receives the proper vitamins and minerals and daily nutrient requirements. But, some fruits are better than others, meaning that they have extra benefits when consumed in reasonable amounts. One of these is prunes.

Prunes are most popular in the health community for their soluble fibre and how they aid digestion. Prunes have been used to remedy constipation for years, and many people swear by their three main ingredients; fibre, sorbitol and a natural laxative compound called diphenyl isatin.

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that can loosen the stool and move it easily through the digestive tract.
But besides the wonders it does to your stomach, what else are prunes food for?

Well, prunes (or dried plums) are a great diet snack, with only 30 calories per serving – this makes it a great substitute to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Cell Damage

Prunes and plums contain high levels of phytonutrients called phenols, explains Chatelaine.com. Prunes are high in two unique phytonutrients called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid, which have been proven to prevent cell damage.


The antioxidants in prunes and plums are very helpful for reducing inflammation.

This is beneficial in preventing lung and joint diseases, like arthritis and gout.

According to Healthline, plums contain more than twice the amount of polyphenol antioxidants than other popular fruits, such as nectarines and peaches.

Regulate blood sugar

Prunes also have a low glycemic index (GI). This means that they increase blood sugar levels slowly, reducing the chance that your insulin will spike. This helps in controlling appetite, by making you feel fuller for longer, preventing overeating.

Safe for children

Babies and young children who suffer from constipation cannot take laxatives as their digestive systems aren’t mature enough to handle certain medications – however, prune juice is a safe, effective way to give them some relief. Many baby-medicine manufacturers offer a selection of prune products for different ages. Diluted prune juice is a popular one.

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