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Affinity Health and The 100% Foundation Help Fund Prosthetic Leg for Schoolgirl

Leading providers of medical insurance, Affinity Health, and its CSI initiative, The 100% Foundation, are working together to help the physically disabled.


Children with Disabilities in South Africa

Children living with limb disabilities are limited more by the high cost of prosthetic equipment than by their actual physical ability. Affinity Health and The 100% Foundation are sparking a train of kindness, social connections, and transformation through innovative projects and campaigns to improve the lives of communities. The latest initiative was providing funds for a prosthetic to help a little girl walk.


12-Year-old Tsitsi Mutuwa was born with a leg defect, but she refuses to allow her disability to hamper her ability. She is a learner who does everything with her fellow students without any complaints.


Mutuwa is a hard worker and stands back for nothing, even in the cold winter months when she experiences extreme pain in her leg.


When Affinity Health and The 100% Foundation heard of Mutuwa’s story, they stepped in to help this free-spirited and brave little girl by donating funds towards a prosthesis.


“Many impoverished South Africans living with physical impairments do not have access to assistive mobility devices. Either because they reside very far away from functional prosthetic and orthotic service centres or because of the high demand of these services. Approved candidates have to sometimes wait three to five years for a prosthetic device,” says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.


“Similarly, correct fitment of a prosthetic limb and the rehabilitation process that follows is very complex. Generally, all rehab patients need physiotherapy to improve their body condition. We were pleased to make this donation to assist Mutuwa and will continue to support the Group’s vision to improve the health and wellbeing of children across South Africa,” concludes Hewlett.


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