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Affinity Health: Does Omicron Cause Less Damage To The Lungs?

Leading providers of affordable medical insurance, Affinity Health, explore how Omicron might yield less lung damage than preceding coronavirus variants.


New research reports that Omicron causes less harmful infections. Omicron presents itself in the upper airway, where the nose, throat, and windpipe are. Previous COVID-19 variations tend to result in lung scarring and major breathing problems.


Is Omicron More Contagious?

When compared to the earlier Delta form, Omicron replicates 70 times faster. Omicron spreads in tissues that line airway passages. Yet, Omicron replicates 10 times slower in lung tissues than the original coronavirus. This may lead to less severe sickness.


“It’s safe to say that we’re seeing a change in the idea that a disease spreads in the chest,” says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.


When the Omicron variation arose in November 2021, experts worried. They wondered about the many mutations and how they might affect patients. Previous research suggested that it was easy for the virus to penetrate cells. They were also concerned that antibodies would not detect the virus.


Over a dozen research groups have explored the Omicron version in laboratories worldwide. Biologists ran tests over the last few months to learn more about how it impacts the body. The variant appears to produce less severe disease than prior strains. The world needs more research, but scientists think the findings are encouraging.

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What Are the Symptoms of Omicron?

People infected with Omicron may show symptoms like those seen with prior variations. Your COVID-19 immunity status, medical history, and age can all influence its severity.


“While research states that Omicron might be milder, you may still suffer severely. Others might need hospitalisation or die as a result of infection with this variety. Even if only a tiny fraction of persons with Omicron need hospitalisation, the enormous number of cases could overwhelm the healthcare system. This is why we should all still take precautions,” adds Hewlett.

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Omicron And Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines continue to be the most effective public health intervention against COVID-19. Vaccines reduce the likelihood of new variations arising. This covers the initial series, booster shots, and any further doses required.


Scientists are constantly learning about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccinations. It is also effective in preventing Omicron infection. Scientists predict that the current vaccinations work against severe illness. Yet, remember that breakthrough infections among vaccinated people are still likely.


People whose COVID-19 immunisations are up to date are less likely to get a serious illness. This is in comparison to those who have not received the vaccine and are vulnerable to COVID-19.

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