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Affinity Health Explores the Health Benefits Of Working From Home

Leading providers of affordable medical insurance, Affinity Health, consider the growing trend of working from home and its health and wellness benefits.


COVID-19 resulted in changes to the working arrangements of millions of employees. The global workforce shifted from working in an office to working at home. Now, lockdown levels are lifting in most parts of the world. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 25% to 30% of the workforce will still work at home long after COVID-19.


If you’ve decided to continue working from home, you may be wondering about your health. You might ask yourself if working from home is good for you.


According to Affinity Health, working from home can improve employees’ health in the following ways.

More Time To Be Active

Working from home allows you to take pauses from your computer to wash a load of laundry, take the dog for a walk, have a quick dip in the swimming pool, vacuum the carpets, or stretch your legs.


Small bursts of physical activity spread throughout the day provide long-term benefits for physical and psychological health. Just ten minutes of vigorously climbing the stairs in your own home, for example, could improve your lung capacity and lift your emotions.

Less Time Stressing in Traffic

Commuting by car, especially in densely populated areas, exposes employees to air pollution and increases their risk of respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. Working from home should, in principle, allow you to “breathe more easily”, both physically and psychologically.


Avoiding the commute saves time and money, both of which can be used to improve the quality of employees’ personal life. Not sitting in traffic also goes a long way to reducing anxiety and stress.

Better Brain Performance

Working from home allows individuals to engage in “deep work” – focusing on a difficult task without distraction. When employees are working, it allows them to completely engage with their task and be more psychologically present with their family when they are not working. This results in better brain performance overall.

More Emotional Happiness

Employees who work from home can combine work and family time to benefit the entire family, such as reading a book or sharing a meal with their partner or child during a work break.


Quality relationships with parents have a greater influence on children’s academic achievement, behaviour, and emotional wellbeing than the number of interactions.

Decreased Risk of Sickness

Working from home allows employees to feel happier and more energised, reducing the risk of burnout affecting their immune system. Furthermore, because staff operate in isolation, there is less likelihood of illnesses spreading than in an office setting.

Working From Home Doesn’t Suit Everyone 

While there are numerous health benefits to working from home, it may not be suitable for everyone. Some people may appreciate the routine and structure that working in an office environment offers. Some people enjoy face-to-face engagement with co-workers and find face-to-face advice with their manager incredibly valuable in completing duties and reaching their goals.


Working from home may not be compatible with everyone’s home life; for example, some people may have young children who are oblivious to boundaries and cause interruptions during the working day. Others may lack the physical space required to establish a good, focused working environment.


“The coronavirus epidemic has provided some employers, who might not have regarded working from home as an option for their employees otherwise, with a realistic understanding of how it affects their business and people,” says Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health.


“It has also provided employees with first-hand knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of working from home. This experience may be quite useful in assisting employers in determining working habits that will benefit their health and wellbeing both now and in the future.”

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