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Breastfeeding Pillows for Moms and Babies

Leading providers of healthcare cover, Affinity Health, supports breastfeeding benefits for moms and babies.


Breastfeeding holds many health benefits. The longer you breastfeed, the more health benefits you enjoy. But just one in four moms breastfeed their babies for six months.

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Does Breastfeeding Help Moms?

Nursing can also help both baby and mom’s health. Breastfeeding decreases the chances of the following:

Women with breastfeeding experience are:

  • 11% less likely to have cardiovascular disease.
  • 14% less likely to get heart disease
  • 12% less likely to have strokes
  • 17% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease


“Breastfeeding may benefit moms considering bottle feeding,” says Murray Hewlett, Affinity Health CEO.

Moms are also encouraged to see that breastfeeding is essential for healthy babies.

How Breastfeeding Benefits Babies?

Did you know? Mother’s milk contains plenty of the following:


Mom’s immune system produces antibodies that protect her infant through her milk.

Immunoglobulin A protects the lining of the immature intestines of a baby. That prevents pathogens and allergens from entering. Additionally, breast milk includes chemicals that naturally comfort newborns.

Breastfed children enjoy the following benefits:

Breastfeeding Increases Physical And Emotional Closeness Between Mom and Baby

Breastfeeding encourages increased skin-to-skin contact, holding, and stroking. Many believe that bonding in early childhood reduces social and behavioural issues.


Mothers who breastfeed learn to interpret their infant’s cues. Infants also learn to trust their caregivers. That helps mould the early behaviour of the infant.

Will Breastfeeding Pillows Benefit Moms and Babies?

Breastfeeding may be easy for some moms and babies. But many others need extra help. There are many interventions to help get breastfeeding off to a good start. One such intervention is a breastfeeding pillow.


Breastfeeding pillows may seem like an unnecessary extra for moms and babies. But once babies arrive, moms might find themselves feeding as much as ten times a day!

Breastfeeding pillows can help reduce the following issues:

  • Postnatal recovery
  • Mom’s body pain in the back, neck and shoulders.
  • Baby’s tension, latching and sleeping patterns.


As moms become more relaxed, babies become calmer and happier.

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Affinity Health’s Maternity Benefits

Affinity Health provides moms with maternity benefits and 24/7 support.

Benefits include:
  • Maternity scans
  • Blood tests
  • Health advice
Guidance through the:
  • Affinity Telehealth Call Centre
  • Affinity Health App
  • Affinity Health Website

Affinity Health policy terms apply.

About Affinity Health

Affinity Health is the leading provider of affordable medical insurance in South Africa. Members enjoy access to a network of healthcare providers. We have designed healthcare products to protect you and your family when it matters the most. We strive to give our clients peace of mind and the highest standard of service. For more information, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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